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Nov 11, 2008 06:54 AM

Sunday brunch near Novotel

Two relatives are staying at the Novotel (on the Esplanade) directly below the Sony Centre (the former Hummingbird Centre) and we'd like to join them for late breakfast/early lunch somewhere nearby. One of them is a pescetarian (eats fish but no red meat or poultry). Not too noisy or pricey. Any ideas, please?

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  1. My question about where to eat has been answered by my relatives, who know Toronto and its restaurants. They've suggested we meet at C'est What? at Church and Front Streets. It's had good things said about it by Chowhounds, so I think we'll go there. Thanks anyway.

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    1. re: Bob Catt

      It's also had a few bad things said about it on the board as well -

      Don't have any other suggestions though, except for Le Papillon, which also gets mixed reviews. But at least you can make reservations there.

      Le Papillon
      69 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E1B5, CA

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        I really wouldn't recommend C'est What for food, especially for a pescatarian. It's barely passable bar food served with a frown. Plus it's really a rather grubby bar that looks shabby enough at night, so I can't imagine what it looks like during the day.

        JK Wine Bar is close by and open for brunch on Sundays. Beerbistro is also open for brunch. Either one would be a much more civilized brunch option!

      2. You could also try Le Petit Dejeuner on King, west of Jarvis. Be prepared for a lineup though.

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          After I posted my initial request I checked out what Chowhounds had said about C'est What and discovered my memory failed me - the reviews were decidedly mixed. Thanks for your concern, all, but I'm afraid in this case my mind has been made up by our visiting relatives who decided on the place, obviously because they like it. C'est la vie, C'est what?

              1. re: JamieK

                It went better than I was expected to believe, especially re the service. The woman who served us was pleasant, prompt and efficient - couldn't ask for better. It was noon so all I had were the quesadillos - average. Our server brought me extra salsa on request. Two others had lamb and buffalo burgers respectively and were very pleased with them. I can't remember what the Pescetarian among us ordered, but she was was satisfied with it. I had a beer recommended to me (I forget its name), and it was among the best I've drunk anywhere, even in Germany. The decor is cosy with a big fireplace - ideal for a chilly day like today. All in all I found it it a pleasant place, with good company inside and hordes of kids and parents outside waiting for the Santa Claus Parade to arrive!

                1. re: Bob Catt

                  I just heard from the pescetarian relative at yesterday's lunch at Chez What. She wrote: -
                  "I had the falafel platter, which was excellent and the cider, which I wanted to have several more of. J - - says his lamburger was "amusingly evocative with hints of mints and sage and the fries were reminiscent of the Belgian variety without the impertinence", but then he is an artsie fartsy."