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Nov 11, 2008 05:37 AM

Best soupe de poisson in Paris?

We'll be in Paris late in November and, among other things, I'm looking forward to sitting down to a really great bowl of soupe de poisson. What's your favorite spot?

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  1. Had a very good one at Le Dome on Blvd. Montparnesse.

    1. Le Bon Marche sells about 10-15 of them in jars, cans ,whatever that have proved to be quite good surprisingly enough, not all but most. Get a bunch and compare, see what you like

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        Thanks for that recommendation, Delucacheesemonger, but we'll be staying in a hotel with no cooking facilities available. And I'm an immediate-gratification kind of a person!

      2. I had an excellent one at the Brasserie du Nord, opposite the Gare du Nord. Very good rouille, too.

        1. You might want to check out Le Petit Nicois, 10 rue Amelie, in the 7th. Haven't tried it recently, and they get mixed reviews. Some say it has improved; at least worth a look at their web site.

          1. I had excellent soupe de poisson at the fish restaurant, Bistrot de Marius. In fact, they do a number of classics very well, though some gripe it's a little boring (and the location is a little dull, and there are always a fair number of anglophones). Chalkboard menu changes daily; they usually have the soupe but best to call ahead to make sure. 6 avenue George V, 01 40 70 11 76