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Nov 11, 2008 05:32 AM

Ordering Thanksgiving Take-Out

we are heading out of the country for vaca on thanksgiving nite but didn't want to miss out on our fave holiday meal. so we're thinking of doing take-out this year. what are a few of the best places to order take-out from? thanks!!

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  1. I got a menu from Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock that looked good. But you have to pick it up by noon on Wednesday.

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    1. re: Chowpatty

      we got auntie em's take out last year and it was really great.

    2. Pan's has a very good Turkey Day dinner -- lke be'n at home. The cranberry sauce is a true home style dish that you will not forget.

      Pan's Take-out menu

      1. The best version I ever had was from Clementine in Century City.

        I do not know if they are offering a Thanksgiving menu, but you should check with Little Flower Candy Company in Pasadena because everything I've eaten there is really top notch. If they're offering a Thanksgiving menu at all, I would definitely suggest getting that -- I'm very confident that they'd do a good job with it. (And even if they're not doing anything for Thanksgiving, I strongly suggest everybody stop by for a slice of their almond cake because it's outstanding.)

        1. I did take away one year from gelson's and it was very serviceable.

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            Don't flame me., but at work we use Boston Market and their stuff is really pretty good. We've used Gelson's but I don't like the flavor of their stuffing and in previous years the veggies were hard, even after cooking. However their gingered yam souffle rocks!

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              I would never flame someone for expressing their taste. I didn't think Gelson's was great, and have only used them the one time. For me personally, Thanksgiving is worth cooking if one possibly can. Having said that, I think we are having our Thanksgiving celebration a week early with our Southern California family and having it at PF Chang's;. (Not my choice).

          2. The original comment has been removed