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Ordering Thanksgiving Take-Out

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we are heading out of the country for vaca on thanksgiving nite but didn't want to miss out on our fave holiday meal. so we're thinking of doing take-out this year. what are a few of the best places to order take-out from? thanks!!

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  1. I got a menu from Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock that looked good. But you have to pick it up by noon on Wednesday.

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      we got auntie em's take out last year and it was really great.

    2. Pan's has a very good Turkey Day dinner -- lke be'n at home. The cranberry sauce is a true home style dish that you will not forget.

      Pan's Take-out menu

      1. The best version I ever had was from Clementine in Century City.

        I do not know if they are offering a Thanksgiving menu, but you should check with Little Flower Candy Company in Pasadena because everything I've eaten there is really top notch. If they're offering a Thanksgiving menu at all, I would definitely suggest getting that -- I'm very confident that they'd do a good job with it. (And even if they're not doing anything for Thanksgiving, I strongly suggest everybody stop by for a slice of their almond cake because it's outstanding.)

        1. I did take away one year from gelson's and it was very serviceable.

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            Don't flame me., but at work we use Boston Market and their stuff is really pretty good. We've used Gelson's but I don't like the flavor of their stuffing and in previous years the veggies were hard, even after cooking. However their gingered yam souffle rocks!

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              I would never flame someone for expressing their taste. I didn't think Gelson's was great, and have only used them the one time. For me personally, Thanksgiving is worth cooking if one possibly can. Having said that, I think we are having our Thanksgiving celebration a week early with our Southern California family and having it at PF Chang's;. (Not my choice).

          2. Try Larchmont Grill. Last year was great and very reasonable.

            1. A couple of places that do it are Clementines (already mentioned by another poster), Joan's on Third, and Josie. Most have online menus/fax ordering.




              Our family has done take-out from Gelson's in years past, but if I had my choice, I'd try one of the above before defaulting to Gelson's.

              Edited to add: from a quick perusal of their websites, it looks like only Joan's does the full meal, while Josie and Clementine do sides and desserts.

              1. My favorite (probably only) take out thanksgiving came from India Sweets and Spices, which was surprisingly crowded.

                Are you looking for anything in particular? Depending on what you want and what we're doing, I'd be happy to make extra, if you don't mind helping us recoup the cost of what is normally an excessively bountiful spread.

                1. Greenblatt's on Sunset makes a tasty Thanksgiving dinner.