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Nov 11, 2008 05:18 AM

Most Economical Onions?

Perhaps a silly question, but if you're shopping for value, do you buy the 5 lb bags of onions? They're usually smaller, which I think might lead to more waste (skin, etc) per pound. Also, can someone link me to an onion primer? Yellow vs White vs Red vs Vadalia and why use what when. Thanks!

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  1. vedalia - is a very sweet onion and I find it loses its flavor when cooked - so I like these raw on bagels or in salads - also there are texas sweets that fall into this category

    Yellow and White - these tend to be the ones I cook with much stronger flavor and hold up to cooking - also will use them for slads/bagels just because of their sharp bite when eaten raw

    Red - which also is a spanish onion IMO tends to be a little sweeter the white or yellow but still has a sharp bite - will use like white or yellow but am cautious in what I am cooking with because its color will show throw - also will use its color for a salad -

    In terms of whether to buy loose or the bag really falls down to two factors which look better and what is the price per pound

    1. This was on the boards a short while ago

      I'd say the most economical is the greatest volume at the cheapest price which won't spoil on you.
      You can buy a 2lb bag for under a buck (maybe like 40c/lb), but sometimes 50lbs for maybe $5 (10c/lb) - if the onions go bad before you can use them, it might not turn out as such a deal (we buy 10lb or 20lb bags).
      As for size, I'm guessing that the difference in waste from a large or small onion is negligible. To me, work-wise, peeling a small onion is the same as peeling a large one, but the yield is smaller, so I don't like small onions - more work.

      1. I use red onions for sandwiches, and salads for their color, and taste.

        I prefer white onions, but they are overpriced lately so I use yellow onions for all cooking.

        Vadalia onions I use very rarely

        1. In the fall I buy a 50 lb. bag of yellow no-sprout onions at my local farmers market. It costs about $15. I keep it in a cool place in the house (basement, if I can get my husband to carry it down for me) and it will last me until March or April. Can't beat the price and they're good sized onions too.

          1. Buy 'em by the bag if you can store them properly so that they don't go bad.
            Why use what, when? Take a look here: