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Providence Dinner on a Monday night?

We are visiting Providence this Sunday and Monday. I've read all the posts and have some great dinner recommendations, however almost everything is closed on Monday night. Any ideas? Open to anything, prefer moderate priced. Thank you!

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  1. Chez Pascal on Hope St. is now open on Monday evenings. www.chez-pascal.com

    1. Pane E Vino is open Monday's and it is 1/2 price wine night. They have a pre fixe menu for $19.95 before 7pm

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        Pane E Vino is a great rec, their Monday night special makes it a very reasonably priced evening. I'd also recommend Red Stripe, though it can be a bit loud, the atmosphere is fun, and the food very good and reasonably priced.

        Mills Tavern is also open on Monday nights, and will be fairly quiet. It's a nicer choice than any of the above (except Chez Pascal, which has the best food of all of them), and they have a prix fixe menu (check the website) that's a good deal.

      2. Chez Pascal, hands down. I agree on the usual value at Pane E Vino, though there is no comparison quality wise. I used to enjoy the food at the Red Stripe but the service has always been awful. The last few times I've been there since over the summer, the food has been equally horrible. The Mills Tavern has good service and decent food but is overpriced for the quality you get back. I always have good luck at the upscale steakhouses, Ruth's Chris and Capital Grill.

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          While both are great, Chez Pascal is better and Pane e Vino is cheaper. It's a win-win.

        2. How about Louis Fuller? It's closed Tuesdays as I recall, and some people were discussing a bump up in the quality of experience there. (I always enjoyed myself, though)

          1. Thanks for the recommendations..any ideas for a good bar to have a few drinks/beers at prior to a Sunday night show at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel?

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              Local 121 has a beautiful bar with fabulous drinks. Blakes, across the street, is more low-key and sports-bar-ish, but they have good beer on tap. Completely different styles, but I recommend both, depending on what you're looking for in a bar.

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                I love, love 121 for drinks...but drinks only. Great bar and vibe!

            2. Just wanted to report back after our trip..we headed out around 5pm on Sunday and not much was open. Ended up at Trinity Brewhouse- would NOT recommend- really bad greasy food, warm beer- just unappealing. BUT then we hit Local 121 - great cocktails, delicious calamari and amazing bread pudding (we were still hungry as we could not get down our food at Trinity).
              After a show at Lupos we went to Blake Tavern- great place- great music, nice bartender, people having fun.

              Monday night we had drinks at Mills Tavern. Beautiful bar, great cocktails- menu looked good but we didn't eat. Headed to Federal Hill for dinner at Pane E Vino- absolutely delicious! Best caesar salad we've ever had and delicious mushroom ravioli- highly recommend. Great service too and it was packed!

              My other good find was a "Cafe Chocolad"- one block east of Memorial Blvd. on Steeple St. European cafe with great coffee, croissants and muffins. Highly recommend. Thanks for everyones help!

              1. Pane e Vino (Atwells Ave. on Federal Hill) has decent Italian & serves dinner on Mondays. They offer 50% off any bottle of wine with dinner on Mondays:

                Chez Pascal (excellent French/eclectic on Blackstone Blvd.) is now open Mondays for dinner: http://www.chez-pascal.com/facts.html

                Chez Pascal, a personal favorite, has a superb house-made charcuterie platter.

                Another winner for Mondays or any day is Mill's Tavern on Main Street (where the old Bluepoint used to be); good, modern American/eclectic. BONUS: Fresh local $1.00 oysters at the bar 5:00-8:00 (but $3.00 at table). I happily get outside of three dozen or so; if they have Poppasquash oysters from Bristol when I visit, I feel truly blessed.

                Let us know where you landed & how it was.

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                  The OP already reported back (right above you, in fact).

                  OP, glad you enjoyed!