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Nov 11, 2008 04:36 AM

Boston Common/Gardens

Friends and I will be getting together for the holidays in December. We want to walk around the commons/gardens after dinner to see all the lights. Other than the Park Sq. area I can't for the life of me think of a great place to eat that isn't going to break the bank. I know the 4 seasons over looks the gardens but that is out of our price range. Not sure what is up Newbury St (the boylston st end). I am looking for some suggestions that are in walking distance (one has difficulty walking so has to be somewhat close).

I know I can count on my "Chow Family" to help me out!

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  1. Teatro is good and not too pricey and right across from the Common. It seemed kind of noisy when I was there, though.

    1. How about Teatro? Their antipasti platter would be a generous starter to share, they have pizzas and half orders of pasta:

      1. Is the Beacon Hill Bistro or Bin 26 too far?

        1. A short walk down Arlington Street is Park Square, and while the options may not be entirely Chowish, there are many of them covering all price points and tastes: McCormick & Schmick's, Maggiano's, M.J. O'Connors (for drinks), Flemings, DaVinci (relatively new and very promising), Flash's (for drinks), Smith & Wolllenski, Finale (for dessert), and Davios.

          Heading towards Charles Street from Park Square, practically right next to Maggiano's, is Legal Sea Foods. On the corner of Charles and Stuart is Avila, and just down Stuart from there is Tantric for decent Indian. Troquet is also nearby on the Boylston side.

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            Apologies, I read the OP too quickly and thought MeffaBabe's reference was to Park Street, not Park Square, resulting in me posting about the very area Meffa knows about. Ooops...

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              Also, what about the renovated Marliave's. I have not been yet, but from postings on this board it sounds like the downstairs restaraunt would work for them.

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                I thought of recommending the Marliave, but if one in the group has trouble getting around it might be a bit of a problem - even the "downstairs" is up some stairs, both from street level and within the restaurant.

          2. How about 75 Chestnut, or Figs on Charles St.? Both are on the flat end of Beacon Hill, which would give you simple walking access to the Public Gardens. Both seem like good places for a group of friends getting together.

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              i agree; Figs is a great restaurant that is walking distance from the gardens. their signature fig pizza is amazing. it is a little small, however, so depending on the size of your party, it might be difficult getting a table.