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Nov 11, 2008 04:35 AM

Italian within walking distance of Broad @ Walnut

I'm seeking recommendations for good Italian restaurants within walking distrance of our hotel, which is at Broad and Walnut. I'm having trouble narrowing the field. All help is appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. I've enjoyed meals at Ernestos 1521 Cafe, on Spruce, just off of Broad Street. Perhaps not the most innovative Italian, but very nice. That would be within a few blocks of your hotel.

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      La Viola and La Viola Ouest, both on 16th Street between Locust and Spruce. Here are some reviews and the menu:

      Mercato, on Spruce between 12th & 13th: mercato philadelphia

      Branzino, on !7th between Locust and Spruce:

      All are BYOB. You'll find many recommendations for them on this board.

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        Second Branzino; excellent choice.

        1. re: mschow

          3rd Branzino - my fave on that list

    2. My choice in that area would be Mercato.

      If you have the money to spend, and enough notice to get a reservation, Vetri is also right near there.

      1. There are so many Italian restaurants in Philly I'm not surprised you're having trouble deciding. But you haven't given us much to go on in terms of what kind of Italian restaurant experience you are looking for, or which restaurants you are trying to decide between.

        1. Our favorite within walking distance is Branzino, on 17th St. just north of Spruce. Call for a reservation.

          I like the food at Mercato, but the noise level and crowded space keep us away.

          1. Try Il Portico on Walnut just above 15th. The food is excellent.

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              We have always liked Ristorante Valentino, at 13th & Pine. I think they are good, and very reasonable, but have heard some less-than-favorable things lately?

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                Ristorante Valentino is now Giorgi's on Pine. I had dinner there last night. It was an ok meal. Started with an arugula salad which was just ok. Then we had penne with a tomato cream sauce, shitakes, pancetta and peas. This dish was the best of the meal. My pork loin dish was more like 2 thin hockey pucks covered with onions. They were served with roasted potatoes which tasted burnt and sauteed spinach. My dining companion had a chicken breast with herbs which was very basic. We passed on dessert as there were only 2 choices.

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                  So sorry to hear that. I will take it off my list!