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Nov 11, 2008 03:34 AM

Ideas for homemade baby shower favors--can anyone help?

So my friends are throwing me a baby shower next week and I would like to make some homemade treats to give them as favors. Luckily it's just close friends and there are only a handful of girls, so this needn't be a high-volume assembly-line sort of project.

Does anyone have ideas for yummy homemade treats that would pack and keep relatively well? I'd like to make them a couple days before the shower.

I'm thinking of having one sweet and one savory item in the favors. I hate the cliche of girls always focusing solely on desserts or chocolate!

Any thoughts?

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  1. Biscotti keep well, and you could actually make them both sweet and savory - lemon and thyme, for example, and apple and rosemary.

    1. I once got a recipe for Baby Boy gingerbread cookies along with a small matching cookie cutter- along the same lines you could make baby themed decorated cookies packed in a small box with a pretty ribbon.

      You could also do a sweet and a savory roasted nut mix.

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        caramel corn with assorted nuts.
        small bottles of herb infused oil & vinegar (or just oil)
        handmade chips in exotic flavors like rosemary or truffled

      2. you can get inspiration from this wonderfu site, her cupcake pops are the cutest!

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          I have always wanted to attempt these, they are so cute. Have you given it a go?

          Here's a pic from the bakerella site

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            yup i made some cupcake pops a few days ago and used the recipe for cream cheese frosting on martha's site (link can be found on you have to add the frosting little by little so that the mixture won't turn to mush. it's fun to eat, not too sweet and well worth the effort.

            btw, i used devil's food cake mix (pillsbury) and wilton flower cutter.

        2. Marshmallows - assuming you have a stand mixer. There are recipes all over the place now, although I think the Barefoot Contessa's (on is a good one to start with.

          Or, for sweet & savory, what about 2 kinds of spiced nuts. You could do sweet ones with sugar and cinnamon (I like recipes that use egg white to bind the sugar - they're more snacky that way), and then spiced ones as well.

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            I've made tiny boy and girl gingerbread people, about 1" tall - cute and yummy. Katecm suggested biscotti - there's a recipe for savory cheese biscotti in the NYTimes this week that sounds good (I plan to try it this weekend).


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              what about some homemade tea bisquits or cornbread

          2. Thanks to everyone for all the great suggestions! I just wanted to report back to say what I ended up doing. I made Alton Brown's cocoa "mix" and packaged that up with some "homemade" (um, by Whole Foods) marshmallows. And that was that! Not very ambitious. If I weren't 7 1/2 months pregnant, I could make awesome shower favors, honestly! But thank you for the ideas--I am keeping them all in mind for future food gifts.