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Nov 11, 2008 03:02 AM

Red Bamboo or VP2?

I have never been to either.
I am not huge on mock meats--prefer large plates of a variety of fresh, well prepared veggies, but I am going with two meat eaters who need to be convinced of the glories of vegetarian dining.


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  1. I'm pretty sure they share a kitchen... or at least suppliers. I've been to both a number of times I always felt like VP2 is more junk-foody and Red Bamboo seems more /sophisticated/.

    For meat eaters, the chicken fingers in VP2 are indistinguishable (i can't tell !). I recall getting a dish with seaweed at one of them and it was terrible.

    I'd say, go to which ever one has room!

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    1. Both restaurants are owned by the Wong Family, as told by their websites, and have similar offerings. Of the two, Red Bamboo is probably the better choice.

      Granted, it's a deep fried mock meat extravaganza either way, but I would bring omnis to Red Bamboo for their first exposure if I had to choose between there and VP2.

      Another good choice is House of Vegetarian on Mott Street (perhaps as a follow-up for round two). They've been at this game the longest and have that emphasis on the veggie preference you mentioned (and very good hot & sour soup).

      HoV's menu:

      House of Vegetarian
      68 Mott St, New York, NY 10013

      1. Red Bamboo has more stick to your ribs kind of food: sandwiches and salads, comfort food and is a bit cheaper. VP2 is more Asian oriented dishes if you ask me.

        But yes they share the same kitchen and they have the same awesome french fries. I love their buffalo chicken appetizer at Red Bamboo.

        1. Thanks everyone. We went to Red Bamboo. The soul chicken app is so good. I haven't tasted "meat" like that in ages. And the good news is that I was able to get a lovely veg dish for my main (the grilled vegetable platter). It was wonderful-- hearty and healthy.
          The butterpecan ice cream was really good.
          Vegan cheescake is better at Franchia--not quite as heavy.
          The atmosphere was nice (good music) and the meal was pretty cheap. I'll be back.