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Nov 10, 2008 10:37 PM

Calling California Hunters

Boy, am I at a complete lost about where to find help about this one.

I'm faced wtih the opportunity of going feral pig (wild hog, wild boar) hunting this December on a friend's ranch in the Stockton area. Now, I'm totally counting my hogs before they're shot, but what happens if I have the luck of hitting one? My friend's never butchered one; he says he gives them to neighbors and he's not sure what they do.

Short of bothering his neighbors, are there websites where I can look up how to find people who specialize in butchering wild game? I imagine it's not something I should take up on my own.

Any information about wild game hunting in California is greatly appreciated: where to go, tips on hunting, safety precautions, how to make sure a catch is safe to eat, how to store the meat, experience with curing wild hog (I already have images of homemade bacon and prosciutto dancing in my head).


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  1. I'd probably start by looking at the California Dept of Fish and Game:

    Here's a great article (10 years old) that brought a lot of attention to hunting feral pigs in NorCal. It explains the process in concept.

    Tell us how it goes and how's the pig.

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      I would just Google keywords dressing wild game feral pig or boar. Nowadays with the plethora of info on the web you should be deluged with information.

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        I noticed that the link above is no longer good but found a good replacement link that takes you to the same list as before:

      2. That was one of my favorite activities when I lived in the US and in California. Lucky you. Don't wory about butchering the butchering. The key thing is good field dressing.

        1. Whatever you do don't put a shot into the body; such a waste of good meat. Second, pick a ridge overlooking a rutted area and wait for them to come back. They're creatures of almost ritualistic habits.

          If you have any used book stores you can visit, there are several books from the 70s and 80s on dressing different game. I found "Hunting Wild Boar in California" by Bob Robb a good read and very informative.

          Good luck and tell us how it turns out!

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