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Nov 10, 2008 08:22 PM

Thanksgiving dinner in South Bay

We are looking for a tradtional turkey dinner in or around Long Beach, Redondo, Hermosa or Manhattan. I haven't been to LA in years and will be in town from San Francisco. We would rather not go to a chain or hotel restaurant, so does anyone know of a nice little neighborhood place that will be doing a Thanksgiving dinner? We would love something near the water, or just quaint and cozy would be nice too. Thank you!

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  1. HT Grill in Redondo Beach is advertising a Thanksgiving day meal.

    1. Just made reservations at Kincaid's on Redondo Beach Pier . Traditional Thanksgiving for $24 and the regular menu as well. Great location on the water. Not small restaurant, but great ambiance. Perfect spot for special celebrations!

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        We went one year for Christmas Day dinner (without reservations!) and it was very enjoyable, despite the crowds. Good holiday service, tasty food, beautiful location.