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Swimming down Riva

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Three of us for dinner last Wed. night. Started with the Crudo (Tuna, Geoduck and Sea Bass?) Tuna was overpowered by the layer of sauce on which it sat....too salty.

Followed with the meatball pizza. Crust had good flavor, but overall nothing special. I Cugini's are 10x better.

Entree selections were the steak, lamb and pork chop. Pork was sent back as it came out too rare and unable to cut. To their credit they sent out a new chop. Lamb was small, but husband enjoyed it. Steak was laughable. 4 little slices on the plate with microsopic potatoes. Meat was tough to boot.
Best part of the meal were the olives. Pricey wine list. Totally unimpressed. Won't be back.

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