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Nov 10, 2008 07:42 PM

Bad and Worse!

Two bad meals in a row.
Husband loves meat so despite my faint recall of a disapointing last meal at BRASA BRASIL in CC, we tried it again. Don't chefs taste what they're cooking? The meats were SO salty..completely inedilble. Tri-tip was tough and fatty to boot.
Pay the xtra money and go to FOGO.

Rock Sugar. Lovely decor in a totally uninviting atmosphere. Small drinks. Food was again salty and oily. Uninspired and pricey. Go next door to Gulfstream for some great fish!

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  1. I feel for you! I hate wasting the calories, not to mention spending the money for a crappy meal!
    I will admit to being surprised about your liking Gulfstream. I've been 3 times and quit. I felt it was over priced with an attitude and certainly not doing anything all that outstanding with the fish. I will admit that I do like and patronize Houston's, so it's not chain discrimination. ;-)

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    1. re: compucook

      You are right. Houston's is solid. They have a number of favorites on the menu.

        1. re: Fresser

          what is good at houstons? my wife likes that place, but i'm skeptical of a "steakhouse" that only serves its ribeye with a pineapple teriyaki glaze. makes me wonder if they're trying to cover up using non-delicious meat?

          1. re: ceviche

            Well the crab cakes are wonderful. The burgers & the french dip are good as well. We never get the steaks, too easy to make good ones at home. Mostly we go for the great bar and crab cakes along with whatever salad is in season.

        2. re: compucook

          every meal i've ever had at houston's has been really good.

          1. re: compucook

            Houston's is a great go-to place. Love their "knife&fork" ribs, and their cobbler.

            1. re: compucook

              Oh, yes. I went to RockSugar because I was at the mall, thought I'd give it a chance since the opening. I only got a couple dishes, but both were overly sauced, salty or sweet, and pretty oily. Plus, the drinks are too too sweet. Place was packed though.

              1. re: lesleyb

                Of course it was packed-- new and trendy, brought to you by the folks from the Cheesecake Factory! LOL

                I also liked Bandera from Houston's group. But the problem is the outrageous price to valet park drives me away. There's little or no street parking and when DH & i meet up for an after work dinner that's 2x $7.50 for parking alone. Fergetaboutit!

                1. re: compucook

                  compucook why don't you meet DH at a free parking area and share one car to the restaurant so you don't have to pay valet twice (oh she's gonna get me for that IRL later...)