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Nov 10, 2008 07:38 PM

affordable organic food

Does anyone know of any local grocery shops that carry organic produce at lower prices than Whole Foods?

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  1. Russo's in Watertown, Trader Joe's, even some of the big chain grocery stores like Stop and Shop or Shaws sometimes have sale items for cheaper than Whole foods - check weekly specials. Costco has some organic products, too.

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        I love Russo's very very much, and shop there for most of my produce during the long season when my CSA and the farmer's markets aren't available, but they offer little in the way of organic produce. The only item I've noticed regularly is carrots.

    1. Russo's doesn't carry much organic food.

      An easy way to get organic produce is to hit up a bunch of the local farms before they stop picking for the season (as in right now).

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        Do you know of any local farms in the area that you would recommend?

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          I like:
          Hutchins (but they closed on November 1)
          Verril Farm

          There are lots of others, just do a board search

          You can also hit up the farmers' market for two more weeks before they close.

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            Thank you. I'll look into that.

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              Hutchins has some produce out, self-serve style. The stand is not open. Payment is on the honor system. A recent email from them said they had squash, apples, root veggies, and I forget what else.

        2. Butter Brook Organic Farm in Acton is a good place but I think Whole Foods prices are pretty good. People complain but it doesn't square with the facts. The most expensive supermarket tends to be SHAW's. The least expensive tends to be Market Basket. Whole Foods spans the range with some really pricey items and some really great values. I think the problem with Whole Foods is that they have so many enticing products, that you end up buying more and trying out some of the pricey items.

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            I agree completely. Once farmer's market season is over, Whole Foods has the best selection of organiic produce, and often better prices on some of it. I haven't been able to depend on any other grocery store for a good selection of organic fruits and veggies, and on top of that they are usually old, limp and flabby and no less expensive (and often more) than Whole Foods.
            Yes, you can spend a lot more at WF for groceries but I find it's because of what robertlf says, there are too many enticing things to try. If you just go for the basics (fruits, veggies, bulk items, canned tomatoes and beans) you can do just fine price wise.

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              I don't know.... I buy a lot of lemons and limes for cocktail making, and drive the extra few miles to Stop and Shop instead of getting them down the street at Whole Foods. Conventional lemons at WF are 89 cents, limes are 50 cents. At S&S, lemons are 50 cents, limes 33 cents. When you buy in bulk (hiccup), it adds up. I don't know how the organic stuff at S&S compares to the expensive organic produce at WF.

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                That's because you didn't look at the price of a bag of lemons vs. individual ones at WF.

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                  Lemons in bags. What a concept! You're right; I hadn't looked for them in bags. Is a bag at WF less expensive or equal in price to a bag at Stop & Shop?

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                    Trader Joes has organic lemons in a bag for about $3. 4- 5 per bag depending on size. I have found I lose 1 or 2 to mold if I keep thme too long, but I chalk that up to my bad planning/forgetting to use them.

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                      Good to know. Thanks for the tip, SeaSide.

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                        Second on the TJ organic lemons. They're the one produce item I'm willing to buy there.