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Nov 10, 2008 06:55 PM

Great steak in McAllen

Try the Santa Fe Steak House in McAllen!
I finished my meal there about 2 hours ago, and have been feeling honeymoonish toward the restaurant since. I owe these feelings to a fantastic atmosphere and waitstaff, and delicious food.
After arriving, my party of 3 was seated outdoors underneath a pergola, and were able to hear a fantastic guitarist playing in the cantina next door. The waitstaff assisted us immediately and impeccably throughout the evening.
As an appetizer, I ate mushrooms stuffed with crabmeat, topped with swiss cheese and flash-fried sweet potatoes, and drizzled in a delicious glaze. An otherwise ordinary house salad was made extraordinary with a delicious raspeberry vinaigrette topped with fresh raspberries. I ordered a flat iron steak cooked medium rare with a twice-baked potato, and all was delicious. Dessert, while certainly tasty, was likely the least impressive part of the meal. I ordered a piece of guava cheesecake that fell short of my expectations (which were pretty high at that point!)
At any rate, highly recommended.

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  1. I ate there this week adn my expereince was not quite as memorable. While the decor and atmosphere was exactly what I was looking for while on the road working, I was let down by teh food. I had a simple meal of a ceasar salad followed by a strip steak, mid-rare. The ceasar dressing included tomatoes and artichokes, which was very unappealing and off-flavor. My steak, while perfectly cooked, was very underseasoned. They did have a great wine list with excellent pricing. I'll give them one more shot...staying away from the ceasar,,,.

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      Try them again. They are typically very consistant. Also try the Patio On Guerra. Great place in the revitalize downtown and priced right.