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Nov 10, 2008 06:48 PM

Any good deals in these depressing times?

I'm looking for somewhere in weho with good bar food and cocktails that isn't going to make me want to cry when I hand over my credit card. And if it isn't asking too much, I also want to avoid paying too much for a valet...thanks!

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    1. nope.
      if you look at the list, there's no revelations. it's fast food, pizza and such. you could always pre-party and park around the corner. or learn to cook.

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      1. re: hobomike

        I disagree hobo. The "Meals Under $20 in these Recessionary Times" thread that is linked does have a lot of Mexican taquerias, but hardly any fast food as such, especially from national chains. If ns1 conducts a good search for West Hollywood, I do recall one pretty long thread from a few months ago about economical places in West Hollywood. But to be honest, other than Carney's, there are fewer good, tasty, inexpensive options there than any other neighborhood in SoCal that I can recall. Guess it is a perfect storm of the income level, rents, traffic and lack of parking combined with the absence of a real ethnic diversity there.

      2. I suggest seeking out happy hours, a lot of places have some really nice deals if you don't mind getting there reasonably early...
        Lola's on Fairfax has $5 drinks until 7:30pm, even on the weekend, and I believe they have some food specials at that time too though I've not tried any. And I've never had a problem finding street parking there.