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Nov 10, 2008 06:33 PM

LOVED Mirassou Pinot Noir !! HEAVENLY !

Had this at a bar tonight/

Enjoyed swirling it in my mouth.
Fruity as hell.
Can't name any more fancy terminology / smells / tastes than that, but it was heavenly to drink !!

Anyone else a big fan ?

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  1. 914NYC, I envy your joie de vivre.
    Enjoy your Mirassou.
    If we happen to cross paths, please do not invite me!

    1. Do you recall the vintage?

      Mirassou has long made some very fine Pinot Noirs, including the legendary 1969 bottling dedicated to Max Hubner. However, I haven't had any of their Pinots since the family sold the winery to Gallo.

      Sounds like I should revisit them . . .


      1. You might want to grab a bottle of the Acacia Carneros Pinot Noir, and give it a try too. Fruit forward and smooth. It will usually age well (up to 4 years) too.


        1. I was just talking to someone about this very same wine tonight and how smooth and balanced it was. Great value under $10.