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Nov 10, 2008 06:19 PM

Which Restaurants are open in Carlsbad on Thanksgiving day.

My family and I are looking to go out to eat on Thanksgiving day in Carlsbad, CA, on Thanksgving day, but we don't know whick restaurants are open. Anyone have any idea?

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  1. There are a fair number of resort hotels in Carlsbad (Four Seasons Aviara, the big one on the hill over the Flower Fields, I forget the name, etc.) so I gotta think the restaurants there would be open. Good luck!!

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        1. re: The Old Man

          Haha. I just drove by it on the way into the office and was going to post it here, but you beat me to it by 15 minutes!! thanks Old Man! :)

      1. Look at opentable. They usually run a list of places accepting reservations for Thanksgiving and you can sort by location.

        1. Claim Jumper Restaurant will be open and is taking reservations. You can also pick up a meal the day before to serve at home. :-)