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Nov 10, 2008 06:03 PM

Five Points for a Parents Dinner?

I am looking for a restaurant for dinner with parents, sister and boyfriend. Sister is adventurous, parents are less so. The parents will be happiest if the food is solid and basic, the seating is comfortable, and the meal can be done for under 50 a head (appetizer, entree, one drink). I haven't been to Five Points, but Cookshop is a favorite and I recently enjoyed Hundred Acres as well. Any feedback on if Five Points fits these criteria or any other suggestions would be great. This dinner will be on a Saturday night. Thanks!

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  1. i just did this last saturday. i think it's great for a parents dinner. not too loud, solid food, good service. i wouldn't go on my own but great with the rents, especially on saturday night when other options are all loud and crowded.

    1. Five Points will work. Enjoy.

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        Thanks for the recs, both of you. Five Points was a perfect place for such a dinner; the food was solid, even our pickiest eater found many options she was excited about, we had a spacious comfortable table towards the back of the restaurant, and I know that the rents were happy with the bill. In winter at night, I think it is quite beautiful to dine inside the restaurant, and you feel as if you are dining outside in the snow. I know this place gets mostly bruch raves, but I would absolutely suggest trying it out for dinner as well.

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          That's been my experience as well. Good atmosphere and service, solid to very good food, attractive prices. It's not trendy but they draw a mixed crowd ranging from people in their 20s to 60s.

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            Great right on, the price wouldn't hurt you either , I really enjoy it here, a little differnt than Cookshop.