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Nov 10, 2008 05:29 PM

Newfie/Irish Pub

Looking for an Newfie/Irish Pub where there is dancing and friendly people.

Anyone know of a place in the GTA???

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  1. There's a Newfie Pub called the Eton House at Pape and Danforth. I believe there is live music, but I have never ventured in. As for Irish, you might want to try either Allen's or the Dora Keough at Danforth and Broadview. Who knew Greektown was such a hotbed of Irish/Newfie culture?

    1. For an Irish pub in the heart of downtown, check out Grace O'Malley's on Duncan Street. http://www.gracies.ca/home.aspx Live music all the time and they even fly in the band Signal Hill about once a month who are the house band at the Lower Deck in Halifax.

      1. Mike Strobel in the Toronto Sun mentions one near our place. He says: "Up along I go to Danforth Rd. and Birchmount, to The Newfoundlander pub, to port of a Pizza Pizza...owned by Macedonians. But it is among the last great Newfie bars in Greater Hogtown." Translated: It's in a strip mall on the north side of Danforth Road beside a Pizza Pizza. I don't know if there's dancing but judging by the clientele I've seen go into the place, it's convivial!

        1. There seems to be a strong Newfoundland community at Danforth and Birchmount -- it depends on what you are looking for -- I've never been into any of the taverns but there are quite a few full of hard-working Newfoundlanders. There is even a bar called The Newfoundlander.

          Grace O'Malley's is good if you are into a packed university-type bar. The music and dancing can be lots of fun.

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            I posted separately about The Newfoundlander, but so far it hasn't appeared. Anyway, The Newfoundlander is at the east end of a small strip mall next to a Pizza Pizza on the north side of Danforth Rd. just east of Birchmount. I don't know if there's dancing, but the folks who go in there look convivial enough - and probably more so when they come out!