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Nov 10, 2008 05:29 PM

Newfie/Irish Pub

Looking for an Newfie/Irish Pub where there is dancing and friendly people.

Anyone know of a place in the GTA???

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  1. There's a Newfie Pub called the Eton House at Pape and Danforth. I believe there is live music, but I have never ventured in. As for Irish, you might want to try either Allen's or the Dora Keough at Danforth and Broadview. Who knew Greektown was such a hotbed of Irish/Newfie culture?

    1. For an Irish pub in the heart of downtown, check out Grace O'Malley's on Duncan Street. Live music all the time and they even fly in the band Signal Hill about once a month who are the house band at the Lower Deck in Halifax.

      1. Mike Strobel in the Toronto Sun mentions one near our place. He says: "Up along I go to Danforth Rd. and Birchmount, to The Newfoundlander pub, to port of a Pizza Pizza...owned by Macedonians. But it is among the last great Newfie bars in Greater Hogtown." Translated: It's in a strip mall on the north side of Danforth Road beside a Pizza Pizza. I don't know if there's dancing but judging by the clientele I've seen go into the place, it's convivial!

        1. There seems to be a strong Newfoundland community at Danforth and Birchmount -- it depends on what you are looking for -- I've never been into any of the taverns but there are quite a few full of hard-working Newfoundlanders. There is even a bar called The Newfoundlander.

          Grace O'Malley's is good if you are into a packed university-type bar. The music and dancing can be lots of fun.

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            I posted separately about The Newfoundlander, but so far it hasn't appeared. Anyway, The Newfoundlander is at the east end of a small strip mall next to a Pizza Pizza on the north side of Danforth Rd. just east of Birchmount. I don't know if there's dancing, but the folks who go in there look convivial enough - and probably more so when they come out!