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Nov 10, 2008 05:23 PM

Kailua Town... Da Good, Da Bad & Da Kine

Rants & Raves About Kailua Restaurants....

First up... Buzz's

We had an okay meal at this very well known, touristy eatery. Service is mediocre like any other touristy, kitcshy eatery in the world... food was okay.. neither rave or chow worthy but probably better than it needs to be.

A daily special of Avocado-Cucumber Soup (with local grown fruit) was boring & heavy (lots of cream)... a small cup would have been more than enough... but again nothing to get excited about.

The Teriyaki Salad was good without reservations. Might even be willing to put up with the mediocre service & long lines some day for it.

Lanikai Salad is bleh.

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  1. Link

    Buzz's Original Steak House
    413 Kawailoa Rd, Kailua, HI 96734

    1. Kalapawai Cafe

      I don't know what possessed me to order the Reuben (since I've only tried a couple in my life and they were always sickly sweet gut bombs)... but some strange impulse guided me... and it was excellent... almost makes me want to try one next time I am in NYC.

      The Fig & Bacon "tapa" is very good... fresh figs wrapped in bacon & quickly roasted served with a some dressed Arugula etc.,... I would certainly order it again.

      The Spanakopita - HOWEVER - are terrible with zero redeeming qualities. I remember another version this terrible.. it came in a box from one of those crappy quality frozen lines they carry at Whole Foods... maybe Amy's Kitchen etc.,... Dry, Tasteless.... a complete waste of chewing effort.

      Capresse... okay, not terrible but not particularly delicious either. I still haven't had a repeatable Capresse in Hawaii.. but will keep looking.

      Overall, I get the sense I will be eating at Kalapawai frequently.

      Kalapawai Cafe
      750 Kailua Rd, Kailua, HI 96734

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      1. re: Eat_Nopal

        A second trip to Kalapawai yielded an excellent trio of middle eastern style dips with crispy pita chips, and very good... I might almost venture to say excellent Mac & Cheese. Stuffed Chicken Breast was okay, Greek Salad was mediocre.

        Two trips... and a clear pattern.. Kalapawai has some good "Haole" food... a few notable missteps.... and absolutely terrible takeout service. Despite being setup as a Deli / Cafe.... they take FOREVER to fill an order even if it just means placing cold stuff from the Deli case into a container.

      2. Maui Tacos

        I already mentioned it in the "There IS Good Mexican in Hawaii" thread... terrible entrees & beans from a can... but very good, homemade Jamaica, Horchata & some salsas.

        1. Cinammon's

          A local favorite among breakfast / diners... but didn't impress me at all.

          > Decent Blueberry Pancakes... fluffy & flavorful - unfortunately served with margarine...

          > Mediocre, flat tasting Loco Moco

          > Mediocre Smoked Salmon Benedict

          > Terrible, Dry, Tasteless Hashbrowns

          > Mediocre, Flat Tasting Coffee (Big Island, Maui, Kaui blend)


          Cinnamon's Restaurant
          315 Uluniu St, Kailua, HI 96734

          1. CPK ASAP

            > There is definitely no ASAP about it... welcome to Hawaii!
            > The Original Chopped Salad is bland.
            > Field Green Salad with Gorgonzola is very good.
            > Fusili with Meat Sauce is decent

            California Pizza Kitchen
            609 Kailua Rd, Kailua, HI 96734