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Nov 10, 2008 04:52 PM

Nice brunch options in Fort Greene?

Any recommendations from the board?

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  1. ICI on DeKalb. I've only had dinner there but I imagine they do a very nice brunch. I love that their food is fresh and inventive.

    1. I haven't been for brunch yet, but based on my dinner there, I bet General Greene does a really nice brunch.


      1. Maggie browns on Myrtle, Chez oskar on Dekalb and if those are too crowded..try Anime on Myrtle--just happened to go there on day and it was surprisingly good!--try the sausage hamburger--delish!

        1. I would recommend Olea. Excellent brunch and nice atmosphere as well.

          1. No. 7 Greene just kicked off brunch last weekend. I haven't tried it, but was in for dinner the night before and caught a look at the menu. Lots of small plates to mix and match what you want. Plus (as an ode to the neighborhood, perhaps?) a rockin' good looking fried chicken and waffles or biscuits and gravy. I need to get in there with a group so we can try everything.

            Otherwise, ICI is my favorite in the area. They do a nice job with their eggs--light and fluffy like they should be, serve nice bread and high quality butter, the french toast was fantastic the one time I tried it. Coffee is wonderful and served in great china. Plus they serve until 4pm, with savory dishes as well. (I tried a lamb ragu and paparadelle one day that was great.)

            General Greene can be VERY hit or miss. Egg sandwiches sucked big time. Baked eggs can be tasty, but the components never seem quite right.

            If you'll go as far as Flatbush and St. Marks, there's Flatbush Farm. They do a solid brunch, although can be hit or miss once in a while. Biscuits and gravy were too cold one visit, but the eggs were perfectly poached and served with a lovely rocket salad and homemade hash.