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Nov 10, 2008 04:42 PM

fennel pollen in TO?

Anyone know where to get fennel pollen? Is it a seasonal ingredient? How long does it keep?

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  1. I have been looking too, eBay is going to be my source, until it is grown in Canada.

    It grows wild in northern California, and Italy, and it should do well here. If you have a large back yard, you could try growing your own next spring. Stokes or Richters will have the seeds. Harvesting is simple: gather the flowers and place upside down in paper bags, shaking every day or two until the pollen falls out.

    I wouldn't call it seasonal as the pollen can be kept for a year or two, like many spices.

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      Anyone have a line on this product? An old Toronto Life article says that a purveyor at St.Lawrence Market carries some - any ideas?

      1. re: jump

        I'll ask today when I am at GLOBE, as it's an ingredient on some of the current dishes.
        I see that you can order a 1 oz can from the USA for around $15

        1. re: foodyDudey

          Ordering from the U.S. or eBay is probably the best option.
          If there are Ontario growers please let us know. It would probably grow best in the Windsor /Chatham area, or Niagara, but quite a bit of space has to be devoted to a small crop. It is collected wild in California and Italy.

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      1. we use it at work, and when we need to buy it in toronto we are able to get it from cheese boutique, but it is rediculously expensive. Whenever one of our employees goes to Italy we get them to bring some back for cheap.

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