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Nov 10, 2008 04:37 PM

Sugar Free / Low Carb Bakeries / Restos

Does anyone know of any bakeries that will cook with whole grains and splenda / other sugar substitutes?

I suppose it's a pretty small market to cater to, but if somebody could point me the way to a sugar free/ low GI doughnut or German chocolate cake I'd be forever grateful. I figure there's got to at least be one pastry chef around comfortable substituting a few ingredients.

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  1. Pie place Bonatarte takes special orders to accommodate specific dietary needs:


    Wow - just noticed the site makes it very difficult to find a contact page. The contact link is just an email address. Note to the store, why not make it easy for potential customers to find you? :


    Anyway, here's the only useful contact page link I could find for you, still without phone numbers:


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      1. Are there any low carb super markets in Montreal by now?

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          Not quite sure what a "low carb super market" is ... you mean a store where they sell vegetables and meat (you know, things that have low/no carbs in them?) ya, we have a few around....