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Nov 10, 2008 04:27 PM

New Year in LA - where to have dinner?

We will be spending New Year's Eve in LA (Westwood Area, but mobile). We were wondering about what locals would recommend for four foodies who might be a bit jet-lagged on the 31st (flying in from the UK on the 31st itself). Price not an issue (of course, would rather keep it under, say, 150 USD per person or so), food quality is (ambience etc not an issue).

Any places where we might be able to have a regular early dinner (say at 6pm or even 5pm), without any of the New Year's festivities brouhaha? I have no idea if a place like, say, Angelini Osteria, or Jar, or Cut, or ______ 5.30pm on Dec 31st may be an optoin.

Thanks many for the suggestions.

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  1. do you want Italian or Steak? That is what it seems like?
    you just want to do a sit down inner and go back home?
    have you checked the hotels? Simon LA is great and SLS has a wonderful dessert bar.