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Nov 10, 2008 04:25 PM

Fulfilled - Newly Opened in Beverly Hills

Fulfilled opened last week so I went to check it out today. It's a Japanese little bun shop that is traditionally filled with red bean paste. Here, they have updated the concept to include such high minded fillings as goat cheese with fig, honey and black pepper. I also had a savory version with prosciutto and parmesan.

The fillings were pleasantly balanced but the pastry itself is CRAP. I can't believe this chewy hockey puck is what they're going for. Maybe they're still going through some growing pains. For their sake I hope so because otherwise they won't be around for long.

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  1. funny, i run by it every day, and have watched it awaiting its opening, but have yet to try myself... thanks for taking the bullet...

    1. I dunno... I'm kinda getting hooked on Fulfilled.

      I went by the grand opening also this past weekend. Bought one of every item on the menu.

      LOVED the ham and cheese combo.
      LOVED the chocolate toffee peanut butter combo.

      The azuki (red bean) filled one was so-so.

      Give Fulfilled a chance. They're getting their act together. I agree the pastry is not delicate enough. Yet.

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        I'm also loving this new pastry shop and have already gone twice since they opened 3 days ago. I wasn't pleased with the wait time on the grand opening date but I think I've now tried all of the flavors except Green Ninja since I don't like feta cheese. I love how the edges are crispy but the batter is moist and chewy on the inside. I wonder if they put mochi in their batter? I recommend the strawberry cream cheese white chocolate one, although it can be a bit messy with the hot cream cheese filling.

      2. Wow, two entrepreneurs come up with very similar concepts with cute names and nieghboring ethnic roots -- Fulfilled and Take a Bao. And while each seems to have a couple of early fans, much of the feedback is negative so far. I just wonder about the prospects for a successful business model in today's economy of taking an item that costs no more that a buck or two at an Izakaya House or Dim Sum restaurant and achieving a quality, price point, and popularity that can translate into a profit, cute name notwithstanding. Idea: trademark the name and make some catchy packaging to sell in the frozen foods aisle of your national supermarket chain.