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Nov 10, 2008 04:25 PM

Mi Tierra - Hadley, MA

Finally! A decent -- no, better than decent -- Mexican restaurant! I've tried a few others in the Valley, and this is the first one where I've left satisfied.

The service was pretty slow, but I'm willing to forgive a lot for great food. The first bowl of chips and salsa (green) is free, though it's not very much. I ordered enchiladas with red sauce and it was delicious! The enchiladas were seasoned well and covered with a good helping of cheese, just how I like 'em. Let's not forget about the beans and rice... these were well above average. Whoever was cooking in the back has won my approval!

My SO ordered chiles rellenos, something he is frequently disappointed by (I know, i know, then why does he order it?). No disappointment here! The chile was fried perfectly and had a great meaty/cheesey filling. Also served with rice and beans.

We were sad that the place wasn't very crowded when we went. If you haven't been, give it a shot. Can't wait to return and try more authentic Mexican favorites!

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  1. I love Mi Tierra. I am addicted to their mole and my husband loves their huarachas. The service is usually on the slow side, but I've never had a bad meal there.

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      I love mole, I'll have to try that next time!

    2. That does it. I think we are FINALLY going there tonight. Thanks for the inspiration!

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        the service and crowding can be a little vexing at dinner time if the students are out in force. but it's excellent for lunch. went with a friend last week and we spent much time lingering. as has been noted in other posts, the spicy pork may be the best thing on the menu.

        eat hearty

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          No students last night, maybe some faculty -- not packed, but I was glad to see many full tables. I almost got the spicy pork, but ordered the sopes instead, which were great. Generous portion, and a little something extra in the spicing which stumped me... Right away I knew this was the real deal when I picked up on the just-enough-heat in the free salsa verde. Hadn't had plantains in years but ordered them on a whim, good stuff. Are they actually from El Salvador?

          1. re: hollerhither

            I didn't even notice plantains on the menu! How were they prepared?

      2. Went there last weekend. I have to correct my previous statement that the place is owned by Salvadorenos, as the waitress said that the family is from Guerrero, Mex. While the homemade tortillas & cheese w/the quesadillas were good, the red enchiladas were seasoned for gringos, although they fared better w/some chipotle escabeche provided by the waitress. The rice & frijoles were similarly bland. All in all, I think the trip down to Sarapes in Enfield's worth it.

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        1. re: homesick for food

          Yep, Sarapes is good stuff, no argument with you there -- sadly it's not convenient for me. I was pretty pleased with what I had at Mi Tierra, but I did not order what you did.

          1. re: homesick for food

            I love Sarapes (even though they freqeuntly oversalt ) - we go at least once a month.
            Mi Tierra is also a contender in my opinion. I had a killer chile rellenos (just cheese the way I like it!) the Guacamole was fresh and good, my companion had Carne con nopales which was great.

            The homemade tortillas gives Mi Tierra a little edge in that category imo.

            1. re: homesick for food

              If they are from Guerrero, then plain white rice is traditional. Personally, I like their rice. I eat my spicy pork tacos over it and then mix the rice with some guacamole and all the bits and juice that fell out of my taco and eat it with chips. YUM!

              1. re: Bri

                How is the guac there? I seldom order it out because I'm so often disappointed.

                1. re: AriB

                  Guac is good. Not the best I've ever had in my life, but cheap and tasty.

              2. re: homesick for food

                Quesadilla and enchilada roja (go verde instead) are not what I would get there. Their salsa verde is usually done well, and their spicy pork is their best meat. The beans are pretty bland, the rice is OK. I recommend the sopes (their best item, fantastic tortilla) with spicy pork, no iceberg, with cilantro. Not "on the menu" but they make it for me all the time, and it's fantastic. The relleno is also very tasty.

                1. re: fame da lupo

                  Agreed, after one order of the enchiladas, I ventured elsewhere on the menu. Like I said before, if the poster who said they are from Guerrero is correct, enchiladas and quesadillas are not authentic to that region, so they probably just have it on the menu to appease those who expect it.

                  I'm going to try the sopes next time. I've been wanting to but those tacos always seem to call me by name....