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Nov 10, 2008 04:22 PM

Offal and Sausage in Seattle

Already got some great recs for my upcoming trip for restaurants. Would also like to know of any restaurants that do an excellent job with offal dishes(more than sweetbreads would be great). Also I would like any thoughts on any good sausage stores for a homecooked meal I will be doing one of our nights. Thanks you guys have been great.

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  1. might help. Not sure what kind of sausage you're looking for.

    Uli is my go-to guy for fresh (uncured, unsmoked) sausages - his Thüringer Rostbratwurst is tip top. He's also makes a pretty mean merguez and other interesting styles like boerewors and an allegedly French-style (D'Avignon) bratwurst that are very good. I avoid his bangers and fruit-bearing sausages, and you can do better if you just want basic mild or hot italian sausage.

    Bavarian Meats is a good place for smoked or cured German sausages. Both Uli's and Bavarian Meats are in the Pike Place Market.

    Hans' Sausage & Deli in Burien is great. It's like Uli's and Bavarian Meats combined, at least for the German styles - but it's German only.

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      I like Uli's in the Market quite a bit as well, especially the sweet Italian sausage. But you must try the Wooly Pig at the University Farmer's market on Saturday. Their breakfast sausage and Italian sausage are fabulous!

      I had a dish of rabbit liver and kidney on a bed of carmelized onions at Cafe Juanita on Saturday night. Wow, it was spectacular. They had veal sweetbreads on the menu as well but I chose the rabbit dish over that.

    2. NYPORK, For offal treated awfully nice, I suggest Harvest Vine. They offer blood sausage, chorizo, pork belly and some foie gras thrown in. All will delight you.
      Additionally, Salumi offers pork cheek sandwiches one day a week at lunch. Call to confirm which day they are available. Both places are true Chowhound destinations.

      1. I like the sausage from Bob's market on Rainer in Columbia City. I wish he made a spicy Italian but all of his stuff is very tasty and made in-house.

        I also like the Skagit Ranch stuff that is available in the U-District Market on Saturdays.

        I didn't think Salumi did raw sausage---just cured stuff. But the pork cheeks are most tasty......

        When you say "restaurants" are you looking for european or western style places? Because Asian restaurants--Chinese especially--often do lots of cooking of innards.....I believe that people have said good things about those parts as prepared at Bamboo Garden.