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Nov 10, 2008 04:21 PM

Best restaurant for Thanksgiving?

Just moved to the Bay Area and my parents are coming to for a little visit. They'll be meeting a special someone, so I want to ensure that I don't pick a restaurant that's going to disappoint...any ideas? Looking for somewhat casual, but very good (with an emphasis on local and sustainable food). Thanks in advance!

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  1. In the city or down towards the Peninsula?

    1. I've had lousy luck eating out on holidays in SF (although it's mostly been Christmas, rather than Thanksgiving). Very few local restaurants are open, and most restaurants seem to be staffed by the D list in both the kitchen and front of house. My experience is that even otherwise good restaurants are mediocre at best.

      Most of what is open is geared to visitors -- hotel restaurants, the Wharf, North Beach, Chinatown (of course). Looking at Open Table, I don't see many great, casual places that are open, but you might try Rue St. Jacques, a cozy, casual French restaurant on Russian Hill. I've had one great meal there, one ok, and one mediocre; a friend had a fabulous Christmas Eve dinner there last year, however.

      Nicer restaurants that are open include Palio d'Asti and One Market, but these might be less casual than you want.

      I'd say look at the board, find some restaurants that sound interesting, then call them to see if they're open for the holiday.


      1. Check out the menu at One Market.

        1. There's an article today in the SF Chronicle about restaurants open for Thanksgiving: