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Nov 10, 2008 04:14 PM

Eastside Grill - Northampton

I had high hopes for this place. Last Saturday night it was packed -- my SO and I had almost an hour wait before being seated. Service was touch and go: it took quite a while for our waitress to come over and acknowledge that we were there, but once we ordered food came steadily.

Appetizer: they had a special of sweet potato chips with spinach and artichoke dip. We enjoyed the flavor of the dip, but it was overwhelmingly mayonnaise. Also, I understand that a lot of prep work goes into dishes, but the fact that the chips were served cold made them taste stale.

We each received a salad with our entrees, and we opted for caesar. There was entirely too much dressing (and I happen to love caesar salads), and it was just overall very salty. On the plus side, they served us warm bread which was dense and delicious.

Entree 1: caramelized tuna with a warm asian slaw. I ordered my tuna rare and it was served medium. While the asian slaw was tasty, it completely overpowered the fish. It came with two risotto cakes that, while creamy, didn't really serve much purpose. The became soggy from the tuna and slaw resting on top of them.

Entree 2: sesame scallops with lobster and sake. This was a very light dish (which we appreciated) and was overall okay. The scallops were cooked properly, but we didn't really see a purpose for the lobster -- it didn't taste like much. This was accompanied by scallion rice which, also sadly, didn't taste like much. It was presented nicely, though.

We were too full to order desserts, but I can imagine they would have been mediocre like everything else.

The rest of the menu does look good, so if other people have had better experiences there I would be willing to give it another shot. Maybe it was just an off night.

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  1. No it wasn't an off night. It was a normal night. The change of ownership has not been kind to the Eastside Grill. For years it was a fine place to get a dependable meal at a fair price. But then it was sold and every now visit is risky.

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      yeah, it has been very patchy for a while now. we've had better luck lately (in that part of noho) with the sierra grill, which is just across a couple of parking lots.

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        I've been to Sierra Grill twice now, and am happy to report that my experiences far exceeded Eastside. Perhaps proteins are not Sierra's finest point (duck was served medium instead of med. rare), but I really enjoy their side dishes both times. Their special on my last visit was a roasted acorn squash with brown sugar... really delicious!

    2. The original comment has been removed