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Nov 10, 2008 04:04 PM

Best takeout in Portland?

My wife and I recently moved to the Portland area, and we've hit quite a few of the board favorites (fore st, street & co, walter's, backbay grill, and I'm lucky enough to say my wife is actually a server at 555) so we've been very impressed with the food we've found in Portland thus far. That said, there are certainly occassions when upscale sit-down restaurants just don't fit the bill for a specific meal ($$$, time, etc).

As I do a lot of my work from home (in Buxton), my wife often offers to bring me some food from portland, but I feel like I don't really know the best spots for takeout. While I enjoy upscale cuisine, I'm also a big fan of so-called "pedestrian" food. I've relied heavily on the wonderful wings that Bingas Wingas has, but there's gotta be other options outside of buffalo wings.

What are some of your fallbacks when you're looking for something quick (cheap doesn't hurt either) ideally available to-go? Being open late is a plus!

So I'll start it off with my recommendation: Bingas Wingas tenders in their diesel sauce (damn hot, but still has great flavor)


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  1. Did you search this board? There was a take out thread this past summer. We hit the Vietnamese & Thai places and Susan's Fish & Chips on Forest Ave.

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      hmmm....I did search for that and didn't find anything. Happen to have a link?

      Edit: I just did another search, this time omitting the space between "take" and "out" and I think I found the thread you were referring to (


      That said, it seems the thread got a bit sidetracked by buffalo wings n things, and since the only good option I know of thusfar also specializes in the wings....It'd be nice to get a bit more diversity in the recommendations.

      Duckfat was recommended in that thread, and while I haven't yet had the opportunity to eat there, my wife said it's fantastic.

      I just placed an order from Haggarty's (British-Indian place on Forest Ave) and I'll post my feedback after I eat!

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        When I lived in town, I always stuck to the Thai place on Congress near the corner of State, forget the name. I found Binga's to be HORRIBLY inconsistent, especially the dry chalky burgers.

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 This was from June 11, but only 12 replies. Welcome and good luck.

      2. Some places off the peninsula: Susan's Fish & Chips - a reputed great lobster roll -on outer Forest; Haggerty's - Brit/Indian - also on outer Forest and Siano's - pizza/Italian - on Stevens.

        1. We get takeout from Norm's East End Grill pretty frequently - their takeout orders are usually done in just a matter of minutes. I'm partial to the steak salad.

          Also, Haggarty's or Portland Pie.

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          1. re: sopobungalow

            Going off penninsula...

            I like to pick up a 1/2 cooked pizza from Ricetta's and finish it off on a pizza stone at home. Not sure if Portland Pie does 1/2 cooked or not.

            1. re: delong99

              I have to say that Haggerty's was very mediocre. I got takeout there on the advice of this board and a friend, but found it to be bland and the overly saucy. Maybe a bad night, but the Indian restaurant next to Street & Co. is a million times better.

              1. re: portlander

                good to know. I agree on the haggerty's experience. While it was certainly edible, I don't think I'll go there again.

                I'll have to try the place next to street & co. Finding a good indian restaurant in the area is pretty important!

          2. Haggarty's never disapoints, so far. Nearby - on same side (green awning) - is a Thai place that we hit for their jumbo appetizer sampler for $20. Plenty for two and delicious. For in-depth exploring beyond CH, take a look at and

            1. We love Federal Spice on Federal Street. Delicious healthy wraps and quesadillas with such ingredients and coconut curry chicken, asian slaw and pumpkin rice. Very reasonable prices, and yummy sweet potato fries.