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Nov 10, 2008 04:01 PM

Silver Spoon - Easthampton

Recently went to the Silver Spoon for the first time and had a delicious breakfast! There was a short wait for tables, so my SO and I sat at the counter (best decision). The waitstaff was friendly and quick to bring coffee. We spent the better half of our breakfast chatting with our neighbors and the cook, Jeff (does he own the place?).

I ordered the crows nest breakfast: poached eggs and homemade corned beef hash served with an english muffin, home fries, and hollandaise sauce. The homemade has was the best we've had in the Valley! The SO also ordered hash and some homemade wheat toast -- also delicious (of course, it didn't hurt that it was covered in butter...).

The place is small and perhaps not the cleanest, but the food and inviting atmosphere put the Silver Spoon at the top of my breakfast stops. (IMO, way better than Sylvester's and Jake's in NoHo. Still haven't tried the Green Bean yet.)

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  1. yeah, the silver spoon is an excellent -- if greasy -- breakfast spot. the specials are always solid and their hash browns are very good. the coffee never really makes the grade, but it's a classic neighborhood spot. interestingly, that place a couple doors down with paper in the windows is gonna be dome new place opened by the guy who does the apollo grill. i'm keeping my eyes peeled. apart from the apollo & the spoon, easthampton has been a little bleak food-wise since the departure of smokin' lil's.

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      Unfortunately, I never tried Smokin' Lil's (I just moved here a few months ago). It's not in Easthampton, but how does Bub's compare? I'm from the south and miss good bbq!

      1. re: AriB

        Smokin' Lil's was Freekin' Awful. Bub's is pretty good so long as you aren't expecting true southern BBQ (like the late great Holy Smokes). I always get the baby back ribs. They have an all you can eat side dish area which includes beans, greens, hoppin john, yams, soup, fries, slaw, and a bunch of other tasty stuff. Alot of BBQ snobs bad mouth Bub's but its an institution with tasty chow and fun to visit. Go and enjoy.

        1. re: Big Fat Moe

          i agree that holy smokes is sorely missed, but if you have an opportunity, check out their catering services. we did a thing this past summer and it was great. reasonably priced, too.

          but i had several very good meals at smokin 'lil's when they were in easthampton, prior to the move to northampton. their sides & pulled pork were quite solid, although i was no big fan of their ribs. they never seemed to find their footing after the move. and yeah, bub's is an institution around here. the sauce is sweet & tomato based, but its a very pleasant place to eat as long as it's not over-run by college students. the hot/cold buffet bar, included with all entrees, has provided great comfort during some of my more penurious moments.

          perhaps more in the southern tradition (he uses a very vinegary sauce) is curtis's right at exit 5 in putney vermont. not too long for a drive, but he's closed for the season, as the facilities are outdoors. but you might enjoy checking that out when the eather warms up.

          holy smokes is already taking bookings for next season, too. if you can think of an excuse for a party, i think you'd really dig their fare.

          1. re: fatheryod

            Not only is Holy Smokes good, their rig is awesome.

          2. re: Big Fat Moe

            Hm, I'll have to stop by. I thought it was only outdoor seating, but your description of the side bar leads me to believe we can eat inside. It's getting pretty cold outside...

            1. re: AriB

              yeah, bub's is year round. they have tables fully indoors and also on the enclosed porch. you can check out their menu here:


              also, the jukebox is free, which is a nice touch. it can get crowded, however, so if yr going around dinner time, i suggest staking out a table near the back of the room or on the porch.

              food is pleasant and bountiful, but the basic sauce style & presentation haven't changed too much since it opened in '79. it bears remembering that back then there were not very many bbq joints up this way. the basics are all fairly solid, but i'd never confuse it with my fave bbq joint, m&m catering in knoxville, tn.

            2. re: Big Fat Moe

              Yeah, I have to agree, Moe, even when Lil's was in the EH location, I wasn't too impressed -- very bland and bad service to boot -- and the Northampton spot was just plain lousy (what is it with that location?). I do miss Holy Smokes.

              Keep meaning to give Bub's a try, I'll get there eventually. Hopefully I'll remember Curis's, sadly there are many months to go before we'll all be eating outdoors again.

              1. re: hollerhither

                I've never been one to recommend Curtis' BBQ in Putney, but I have heard good things about his son-in-law's cooking at the restaurant in Chester. I posted about it somewhere, but can't remember where now. Basically the restaurant is open all year round and Curtis's son-in-law does all the BBQ'ing for the restaurant. One or two posters have said that they had great food and none of the issues that occur at the Putney location.

                1. re: Bri

                  i have heard good things about curtis's daughter's restaurant, too, but haven't been up there. and i know that curtis's has its drawbacks, but i have generally enjoyed the food there. and my daughter is very fond of the chicken stuffed baked potatoes, so there ya go.

                  and i don't think i'm too much of a bbq-dullard, but i had good experiences at smokin' lils in its old location. was only there 2-3 times, but still...i think this highlights the inconsistency of restaurants in this area, and also the variable expectations of diners.

                  opinions are always subjective, so mileage will almost always vary. but i do dig reading about local food, even when i don;t agree about the place. it always makes me think -- hey, maybe i should try it again. a good excuse, that's all i need!

        2. BBQ in the Pioneer Valley-to quote a BBQ book, "Bub's is the best BBQ in New England. Sort of like calling somone the world's tallest midget." The sauce is tomato and sweet, the ribs are good, the pulled pork nothing special. Love the sides. I think it has declined somewhat since the 80's, but perhaps it is just my taste.

          Never liked Smokin Lil's. Holy Smokes was good but their policy of charging 50 cents for an extra ounce of sauce pissed me off. Curtis is great when it's a hot Saturday afternoon and Curtis is cooking, but not so good when it's Thursday and the food is all reheated. I think the Chester place has better food. There are some places in Springfield that I keep meaning to check out, but you have to adjust your expectations--none of these is relatively authentic Southern or Texas BBQ, no matter what the menu says.

          1. Hey all,

            I have absolutely NO idea if the place is good, but what the heck -- Top of the Hill Grill in Brattleboro. Its on Putney rd aka the strip. South from the exit 3 roundabout on the right after you are past the big box malls, on the left going north after going over the river. Years ago I stopped by, and asked if they had a veggie plate of some source.

            The guy got a slightly funny look on his face and asked me if I minded if the grill was also used to cook meat. I said no, and I remember the dish being nice. He was about to set up a dedicated grill for the veggies and vegans and Hindus etc. as so many folks had been asking. I feel bad I haven't been in a while! So, safe for many religions when you are on the road.

            Anyone been there lately? Is it horrible? Has a great view as well.

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            1. re: BratleFoodie

              I very much enjoy Top of the Hill's bbq, but I am not a bbq snob, nor do I even know if I've ever had "authentic" southern bbq. I just like theirs and its always been consistently better then Curtis' for me. They are a seasonal joint, however, and are closed until April or May.