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Nov 10, 2008 03:19 PM

premade tartlet shells in SEA?

I'm on the hunt for a source of premade tartlet shells. I've used the ones from PFI, frozen, they come in a couple difference sizes and both plain and sweet -- a pretty nice product and man-oh-man is it nice to be able to just fill and bake! But not sure if there are other styles/types of tartlet shells available in Seattle area markets. Any that are prebaked?

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  1. Online ordering of frozen foods can be easier and sometimes even cheaper.
    for many many kinds of appetizer and dessert shells go to
    Amazon even has some brands, and shipping is free if you qualify. Not a big advocate of buying food on Amazon, or even online so much, but for things like this you can't get the selection in many cities, and would pull your hair out trying.

    1. Obviously this is an old post, but something else you can do is make your own tartlet dough and use reusable metal shells. I got mine for $0.59/piece. And maybe you can buy the dough fresh from a market perhaps? Or make your own at home. Anyway, just an idea I wanted to throw out there.

      1. Also perhaps a late response but Delaurenti's in Pike Place has a range of sizes.