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Nov 10, 2008 02:43 PM


If any Chowhounders will be going to Kosherfest on Tuesday and/or Wednesday, please take notes and fill us in on any goodies!

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  1. i've been and we will fil a report shortly

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    1. re: koshergourmetmart

      Hi, My name is michael. i am the owner of fiorella pasta which you wrote about(Thank You).
      Did you ever get a chance to try any of our products?

    2. I went (it's only open to the industry) and enjoyed myself. I can't say that it's going to be anything of immediate benefit to the average consumer, because all the great new products are awaiting distributers - that's why they go to Kosherfest! however, keep your eye open for the following products, which were in my opinion, best of show:
      Best Organic Product: Elite Naturel Fruit Juices. 100% organic, no sugars added, and unusual flavors. These were sensational - like nothing I have tasted. Whole Foods carries them, and you can always ask your local retailer.
      Best New Product Line: Oxygen Imports - I really loved the Fig BBQ & Mango Curry Sauces. Let's hope they get picked up by somebody! In the meantime, check their website for other info.
      Best New Dairy Product: Atalanta's high end cheese line called Barkanit. Flavored chevre, and so on. Sold at Zabar's, Garden of Eden.
      Best Condiment - Delarosa foods has a new line of high end condiments, and I thought their balsamic vinegar was top notch. Not yet distributed anywhere.
      Best New Wine - a new South American entrant - Tekiah - hails from Argentina. Produced by Marumatok, not yet distributed. I loved the 2007 Syrah I tasted. Hope they get picked up!
      Best New Frozen Food - Linda's Gourmet Latkes. She's a one-woman small company, just the kind of entrepreneur the Kosher community needs to support! A welcome change from Kinneret's bland hash browns, these little latkes are the real deal. You can feel comfortable serving them to family and guests at Hanukkah, nobody will know you didn't grate them yourself. She's only distributed by Whole Foods so far.
      Most Promising Untasted Product - Fiorella Pasta Co. At last, a kosher Fresh Pasta! And several whole wheat varieties! They didn't have a tasting station, but the presentation was beautiful, and I am eager to try out their products. Kosher certified dairy and parve varieties. The distributor is Emesco, and so far these high end pastas are available at Whole Foods.
      Best New Israeli Imports - Angel Bakeries & Laromme Bakeries! If you daydream about the beautiful desserts you consumed with such abandon while at an Israeli cafe, fear not. Two enterprising Israeli bakeries are now distributing their Israeli-baked items here! They travel frozen, and I was SHOCKED by how amazing the taste is. I could not tell at all that these products had been frozen! They are completely gorgeous, as only Israeli pastries are, with stunning decorations and creative flavors. Truly high end European pastries. While not available to the consumer, you can sample these goods domestically at places like Rabica in Teaneck. (And this particular caterer will soon be featuring these goodies as part of her own dessert offerings!)
      Hope this is helpful. If you want further info on any of the products mentioned, just let me know.

      Happy eating!

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      1. re: rebeccafriedman

        Brach's and Gourmet Glatt kosher supermarkets (both located in the Five Towns area of Long Island) have been selling the Fiorella Pastas for at least half a year: I was underwhelmed... very starchy. Apparently they didn't move well, as both stores had massive sales on them - both the dairy and parve, including whole wheat, varieties; I purchased some for a mere 99 cents per package. The one thing I liked about them was that they cooked up in mere seconds.

        1. re: midasgold

          Hi My name is michael and I own Fiorella Pasta.
          I am very sorry that you had a bad experience with our product.
          We are new owners of the company and have made some changes to improve our products. we continue to improve and develop new products as we are focused on being the best in our category.
          Your feedback is important to us. We are actually just beginning to get distribution again at those 2 stores in 5 towns. Sometimes when you buy a product that is $.99 you are not tasting the product in it's best state. I would love to hear from you to see if you think the product is now of excellent quality and equally would like to hear some feedback so we can work towards producing a product you love.
          would like to hear from you!

        2. Kosherfest 2008 REport

          The trend was Asian foods and gluten free foods

          The highlight for me was the sushi competition won by Simply Sushi Café. Other competitors were Eden Wok, Glatt A La Carte, and Milk 'N Honey. All the sushi was delicious. I hope they make this a yearly event.

          IMO products is finally going to be importing their full line of Asian products to the US including curry pastes, rice noodles, mirin, sesame oil and more. Kosher certified by KF London.

          Pantai norasingh an Asian line of products some of which are certified kosher by the OU. New items include curry pastes, satay sauce, sambal oelek and sweet chili sauces. They are not available yet in the US.

          Oriental Foods. This is a company from Israel that also carries a line of oriental products including a pad thai sauce, sweet and sour plum sauce, mushroom soy sauce, ginger and mushroom sauce, rice sticks, curry pastes, cans of lychee, rambutan, jack fruit, longan and bags of coconut chips. Many items kosher certified by Chug Hasam Sofer Petach Tikvah. They are not available yet in the US.

          Noam Gourmet. Sushi rolls that comes frozen so you can have sushi anytime! You pop it in the microwave and you can have sushi anywhere! Comes in flavors like California Rolls, vegetable rolls and Spicy Tuna, as well as vegetarian caviar. Kosher certified by Star-K

          Italian products:
          De La Rosa - they have imported balsamic vinegar, aged old balsamic vinegar, olive oils and grapeseed oils from Italy

          Isapori di Sarah, a line of Italian jarred vegetables and spreads including a bottled olives, bottles porcini mushrooms, mushroom spread, caper spread, olives oils with truffles, lemon, and pareve chocolate sauces made with extra virgin olive oil. Not available yet in the US. Kosher certified by the Star-K
          Fiorella Pasta Co. I saw them last year at kosherfest, They have what look like delicious fresh pastas. Could not try them. They hope to get them into Whole Foods.

          Linda’s Gourmet Latkes. Linda has created delicious latkes that have been well reviewed in the NY Times. They are also available through Williams Sonoma catalog. Kosher certified by the KSA.

          Oyygen Imports has some new all natural sauces including mango, mango and curry, pomegranate plum, gourmet onion glaze and passion fruit sauce. Kosher certified by the OU

          Organic baby food
          Bella Baby. When Marisa O'Donnell’s daughter was born, she pureed organic fruits and vegetables in order to give her daughter the best diet available. She then decided to create her own food line for other babies. Bella Baby Foods comes in convenient 1.5 ounce packets. Each individual packet is first filled with one of our great nutritional selections, then immediately flash frozen to ensure freshness. Parents on the go can also enjoy Bella Baby Packets. When on the run, just toss some packets into your bag, and go. By the time you’ve arrived to your destination, Bella Baby Foods is ready to enjoy. Just squeeze into a cup, or spoon right out of the packet.
          Bella Baby’s unique packaging protects against freezer odor, freezer burn, and the freshness will transfer directly from your freezer straight to your baby’s clean dish. Certified Kosher by the Kof-K.


          Cachamai Tea from argentina.

          Oshra tishbi wine jellies including merlot, cabernet-petite syrah, red muscat, white muscat and chardonnay. Made in Israel.


          Anny’s bread a nice assortment of breads like Jalapeno Cornbread, blueberry cranberry, cheddar garlic, and honey white, cookies, and challahs. Pareve, pas yisroel. Kosher certified in Florida

          Chocolate Mathez. New OU certified chocolate truffles from France. They were incredible!

          Laromme bakery. They always have a nice display at the show. Previously everything was parboiled. They now seem to be carrying packaged baked goods.

          Lilly’s Home Bakery transfat free pareve baked goods including black and white cookies.

          Naturally Nora baking mixes. They have a line of all natural baking mixes and frostings that are pareve. All-natural ingredients. They use no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and use Non-hydrogenated oils. Some flavors are chocolate, vanilla, and Alot’a dots-white cake with colored candies colored with all natural ingredients.

          QB treats cube shaped ice cream covered with rice crisps. Certified kosher by OU, not chalav yisrael

          Zeldas. When I was in Chicago I visited her bakery/store and was impressed. Now she is making many of her baked goods available in stores around the US. She has partnered with Streits who is selling her products - biscotti and cookies under their banner as well as selling items under her own label including the best in show winner pecan pie, biscotti, cookies and cookie cuties-beautifully decorated cookies. All items are pareve and have 0 grams of trans fats. Kosher certified by the cRc-Chicago.


          Cachamai Tea from argentina.

          My Flavia. They make machines like Tassimo. According to their site Each FLAVIA Filterpack brews directly from pack to cup. So each drink is pure, fresh and untainted from the previous brew—with no mess and no cleanup needed. That means your French Roast doesn’t taste like her Japanese Green Tea and vice versa. Kosher certified by London Beis din (except the hot chocolate)


          Hot Nosh kosher vending machines have both dairy and meat products. They have made a deal with Nathan’s hot dogs to sell a glatt kosher Nathan’s hot dog. Certified kosher by the Kof-K. Machines are now located at JFK Terminal 4, YU, Jacobi Medical Center, NYU, Woodbury Commons and soon Great Wolf Lodge, Newark Airport Terminal C.

          Gluten-free products

          Angel Bites from Israel had delicious frozen dairy free and gluten free quiches and pizzas. All items are preservative, color free and no sugar is added. The ones I tasted, tasted great. They hope to be available in the US soon. Kosher certified by the Badatz eida charedit

          Aviv Patisserie-kosher for Passover desserts that look and taste great. Items include: pizza crusts, pastries, hamburger and hot dog rolls, strudels and more. Imported by a Brooklyn company. Certified Kosher by the chug hasam sofer, badatz, kosher l’mehadrim

          Enjoy Life foods, a complete line of desserts that are allergy friendly and gluten free. They make cookies, Chocolate bars, granolas, trail mixes, snack bars, bagels and chocolate chips. Certified Kosher by the cRc-Chicago.

          Katz Gluten free bakery. Featuring kosherfest winner for their challah rolls, cakes, rugalach and breads. Certified kosher by the OU.

          Levana’s wholesome spelt desserts. I tried her chocolate cake and it was very tasty. They are 100% whole grain and are all natural. Pas yisrael. Certified kosher by the OU

          Mr. Wheat’s Crispy Wheat Think rice crackers made with wheat instead of rice. 3 flavors: plain, honey and sea salt. 16 calories a cracker. Kosher certified by the OK.

          There were lots of wines that I did not try since I was driving home.

          All in all, a good time. I will be back next year in Secaucus.

          1. re: koshergourmetmart

            "Noam Gourmet. Sushi rolls that comes frozen so you can have sushi anytime! You pop it in the microwave and you can have sushi anywhere! Comes in flavors like California Rolls, vegetable rolls and Spicy Tuna, as well as vegetarian caviar. Kosher certified by Star-K"

            You had me at "sushi"; you lost me at "frozen".

            1. re: ferret

              Yes, how is the fish not cooked when you microwave?

              1. re: GilaB

                I am not a sushi person, and I know sushi is about eating raw fish. But if you follow directions I guess it will be fine. If I take a chicken out of my freezer and put it into my microwave and go through the defrost cycle, I do not end up with a cooked chicken, but one that I would still call raw. Just make sure that you do not keep it into the microwave too long then it will cook.

                1. re: MartyB

                  Sushi is more than just "raw fish". The rice is an important part too. And in my experience, thawing anything in the microwave will give you some cooked texture in the end product. Microwave or not, I've never encountered frozen rice that isn't awful, and given the thinness of the fish in the final product -- it's just a mess any way you look at it.

                  1. re: ferret

                    Wouldn't is make sense to try it before passing judgement? I've seen it in the freezer section of Gourmet Glatt.

                    Please try it, then feel free to bash away!

                    1. re: midasgold

                      It's not an issue of bashing, it's just a bad idea. I know the law requires fish used for sushi to be frozen to kill parasites, but it's frozen whole or in fillets. Freezing slivers or slices of fish and then thawing isn't going to give you the same texture. In addition, frozen rice is awful. -- it can't retain moisture the same way as freshly-prepared rice.

                      Honestly, I'm not bashing -- I have a number of friends whose universe of sushi experience is the prepackaged in the kosher refrigerated case at one of our larger grocers in Chicago -- they'd probably like it. For me, it's simply a non-starter.

                      1. re: midasgold

                        As I said, there may well be a market for it, but it's not sushi, it's a rice roll or whatever snappy name someone can come up with. I'm sure the technology exists to blast freeze soft-boiled eggs but, again, that doesn't make it a good idea.

              2. re: koshergourmetmart

                "Anny’s bread a nice assortment of breads like Jalapeno Cornbread, blueberry cranberry, cheddar garlic, and honey white, cookies, and challahs. Pareve, pas yisroel. Kosher certified in Florida."

                How can the cheddar garlic flavor be parve? Is imitation cheese (such as Tofitti being used?

                1. re: midasgold

                  my error, I was copying text and left the cheese item in. in terms of the sushi it says "fully cooked, just thaw and serve."

                  1. re: koshergourmetmart

                    I have a hard enough time with pre-made sushi in the refrigerated section. Frozen sushi is one of those oxymoronic food items. The whole concept is an "of the moment" experience. It's like trying to freeze a freshly-made salad. You're going to compromise on every aspect of it.

                    1. re: koshergourmetmart

                      KGM: If those are the only errors in such a lengthy post, you should win a prize! Thank you so much for sharing so much detailed information with us Chowhounders.

                      1. re: midasgold

                        Sure thing. I know I always wanted to go this type of show and if I couldn't I was hoping someone would write about it so I could know what's up

                  2. re: koshergourmetmart

                    Koshergourmetmart - thanks for your comprehensive post! Did you try all the items you listed or were you just including everything to tell people what's new? I tried a lot of the items you mentioned and found them underwhelming, which is why I didn't include them in my post. Some I skipped entirely, such as the frozen sushi (gross!) and a lot of the junk food stations that were just peddling sugar and flour and chemicals. The only exceptions I made to that rule were for Angel & Laromme bakeries, as their dairy products are much tastier and higher end than most of the "haimish" baked goods put out by the parve providers. Just my two cents, for what it's worth!

                2. Where did Kosherfest take place? and are there any other events like this coming up in the near future. I'm in the kosher food business.

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                      1. re: koshergourmetmart

                        Kosher Catering in the Boston Area ( Catering by Glenda)

                      2. re: dblake713

                        There are kosher exhibitors at the Fancy Food Show, but you have to hunt for them. Same thing goes for the NRA - more kosher last year than I've ever seen:


                        1. re: ferret

                          The NRA provides kosher food at its shows? Wow. I know of several observant people who are into guns and remain members in good standing of the NRA, but this is news to me!

                          1. re: midasgold

                            Cute. National Restaurant Association show in Chicago.

                        2. re: dblake713

                          Kosherfest is an annual event. The Fancy Food Show will be in NY in late June. What do you do? I am a caterer & personal chef. A number of us on this board are in the industry. Welcome!