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Nov 10, 2008 02:19 PM

Oakland: The Terrace Room at the Lake Merritt Hotel?

I think this is a new place open a few months. Originally they served weekend brunch and lunch and just started dinner services.

OK, code words here. It is supposed to have a lovely panoramic view of Lake Merrit, and from what I'm reading it may have that nice view curse.

It lis located in what was supposedly a 1920s art deco supper club and the historical element has been preserved. Looking at the photos of the dining room over on Yelp, I have to agree they need different chairs ... or different slipcovers.

According to their blurb on Opentable "We partner with local organic farmers to create seasonal regional American food ... Our philosophy is "Local First" we make every effort to use local organic farms for all our produce and dairy. Our beef is from the north coast and our seafood is always from sustainable sources"

The website didn't work when I tried it but I put it in the place record

Breakfast: Monday - Friday: 7am - 10am
Lunch: Monday - Friday: 11am - 2pm
Dinner: Monday - Friday: 5pm - 8pm
Brunch: Saturday - Sunday: 9am - 2pm

Any one tried it?

The Terrace Room at the Lake Merritt Hotel
1800 Madison St., Oakland, CA 94612

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  1. rw: It is not a hotel now, but Barbary Lane, a gay friendly, over 55 retirement apartments. I think the dining room is for residents only @ lunch, and open to the pub. for dinner. Not sure on that, though. I attended a function there, several years back and though the food wasn't memorable, the atmosphere and murals and view are lovely. Adam

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      They changed it. You can make reservations through opentable. That's where I got the hours. It seems to have opened this summer. From reading the reviews on yelp, it seems the retirement apartments are still there, leading to some confusion as you have to stop by the desk to get to the restaurant.

    2. We have not eaten there. But they were at a food and wine festival at the Oakland Museum in September. I remember a tuna tartar that was very good. I don't remember what else they served. The staff was working hard to point out they were new in an old place. At the time we thought we would try it. We haven't gotten around to it.

      1. I live and work in downtown Oakland so I was excited to hear this great space right on Lake Merritt open their restaurant to the public. It's already one of my favorite restaurants and after a few months I still think the Terrace Room is the best kept secret in town! I've met their Chef (really cute too!) and he created a local first menu and says he buys their meats from the north coast and buys only sustainable seafood. Their Sunday brunch is a great value and I strongly recommend the Crab Benedict (with real crab) or the Corned Beef Hash! I brought my family there for my folks birthday and unlike most places downtown, the Terrace Room is so big that they sat 12 of us with no problem. I'm also a meat lover so I am totally addicted to their angus(sp?) burger or their incredible Filet Mignon (but that hasn't always been on the menu). They also have a fun mix and match dinner menu where you can get a prix-fixe meal all for $25. I would describe their menu as "city-comfort food". And their happy hour is fun too but beware of Jose their bartender as he makes a wonderful margarita! And regarding the seniors...I think its great that the folks living upstairs can actually eat in a restaurant like everyone else instead of being locked away once you retire (they are quite interesting too as I have already met a few). Boban, their Maitre d' spoke to my Mom in four languages and as she left she said she felt she was back in Paris. He told me that the place is always open to the public except when they rent it out on Sat or Sunday nights for private weddings or parties. I've already been there during the week for breakfast and lunch (great for meetings as it's about time one of Oakland's new restaurants is quiet enough for a conversation and roomy enough without an elbow from the next table encroaching onto yours and hearing everything said). I do hope they improve the music selection though and do something with the lights at night but overall, the food is great, the view is enchanting, and their servers are friendly so I am happy to recommend this as my new favorite Oakland Bistro and I hope you'll all check it out and support local businesses that support local first dining. And
        P.S. why all talk about the chairs?...I never even noticed them so now I will check those out again when go for dinner this Friday after work!

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          Welcome to Chowhound, MariL ... or at least great first post if this brought you out of lurkdom.

          Can you tell me more about happy hour? The website still isn't working. When is it and what do they offer?

          I wonder if the residents get a discount. That would be a nice thing.

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            I usually use Yelp but I will be reading Chow Hound too now that I found it! I go to the Terrace Room for Happy Hour after work around 5:00 but I recall its from 4:30 to 6:30. They have $3.00 drinks M-F and Tues $2.00 Margaritas. On Monday happy hour has been going thru the end of the game. Plus any item on their bar menu during happy hour is half priced if you buy a drink. The mussels in a wine sauce are to die for but so is the BBQ Pork Sandwich! I've also taken meals home to go like their meatloaf (shhh...better than my mom's!). And all I know about the Barbary Lane folks is that one resident told me she gets to order what ever she wants off the menu and that her meals are included in her rent! Sign me up in 12 years! Seriously though, I love the idea of the whole place where I can chose to have either a margarita or a cup of Oakland's own La Myx Teas (yes, they even feature my favorite teas!!! I told you I love this place!) and not feel bad about drinking tea in a bistro bar if I don't feel like drinking. Check it out before it gets too popular!