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Nov 10, 2008 02:16 PM

Steakhouses (Birmingham, AL)

My dad has a business meeting next week in Birmingham. He wants to take his client to the best steakhouse. Any suggestions? Any preferences between Flemings and Plaza III?


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  1. There is also Ruth's Chris and Shula's. I like the restaurant at the Ross Bridge the best though.

    1. Shula's definitely!! Located in the 5 star Wynfrey Hotel.

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        I have not been to the Ross Bridge hotel restaurant since they got a new chef. That said, I had a business dinner at Shula's a couple of months back and the bone-in "cowboy" ribeye was spot on superb. Flemings is a chain...and I have not been to Plaza III since it changed from The Copper Grill.

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            Yes, Shula's is a chain. I don't think there's an independent "steakhouse" here in Bham since Michael's downtown closed downtown. I've never eaten at the one on Hiway 280, but I frequented the one downtown on 20th street pretty often. It was the quintessential "mancave". Dark panelling, whiskey drinking, cigar smoking, power meetings were held there. It was phenomenal. I had my first blackened redfish there in the 80's and so began my love of good food. Blackened redfish sounds so cliche now, but it was pretty cutting edge then, especially in Bham. That is, until Highland's opened up. So your Dad might want to check out Michael's steak & seafood. Here's a link to their menu:

            Speaking of steak, I hear that Chez FonFon has a really good steak & frites. But that might be too girly of a place for a manly business dinner.

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              There is nothing girly about the steak frites at FonFon. I always end up eating off my husband's plate and begging for one more bite.

              I'm not a steakhouse diner because I tend to shy away from chain restaurants, but you can be sure of a good fillet at daniel george and likely at some of our other top locally-owned restaurants.

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                I didn't mean the steak frites was girly, but the restaurant is sort of girly, very different than a steakhouse vibe. I agree that alot of local, independent restaurants have at least 1 steak offering on their menu nightly, but that may or may not be the cut desired by the gentleman and his business companions. They probably want a variety of cuts to choose from, and a steakhouse (whether chain or independent) would probably serve them best.

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                  There's a Michael's now in Hoover at the Galleria by J. Alexander's. Good steaks. I wouldn't recommend for a business dinner because they have a horrible, cheesy piano player that plays to pre-taped background music. Super campy and loud in my experience. Shula's is a chain but the quietest of all the spots mentioned, imho. Shula's is actually in the Winfrey Hotel, which is where most celebrities that come to Birmingham stay, so they take care of you and everything is understated. I actually had dinner with a person of note from the Food Network at Shula's a while back and the service was super but they really gave us our space to talk business, we never felt intruded upon....

      2. Your choices are mostly chains; even Plaza III is a chain, albeit about half a dozen locations. I personally would prefer Fleming's; they offer more variety. Plaza III is very old-style, classic steak house. I personally found the steaks rather bland, but I've been getting into grass-fed meats lately so they may be spoiling my palate for prime grain-fed beef. I've never been impressed with the Ruth's Chris here in town compared to ones in other cities. While I have not been to Shula's, I have heard the steaks are incredible but the rest of the experience seems to be variable. I hear the menu is on a football, which seems a little campy to me.

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          I am happy to report the menu was not on a football on my last visit, lol....