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Nov 10, 2008 01:46 PM

Best wall ovens and cooktops

I am going to remodel my kitchen. In my quest as a smart shopper I have found that most websites don't give you many reviews on appliances. I'd like to hear from anyone that loves their wall ovens. I am looking for a 30" microwave/convention oven and a matching regular oven. I have back problems and need to keep the oven at a good height. I am also looking for an 30" electric cook top (my husband has a fear of gas). I have read that GE ovens explode with glass or get F7 notices when the self cleaning feature is used. I have read that the Sears Kenmore have electrical problems. Everyone hates Whirlpool and their service department. I've also read that wall ovens have "fan" noise because the fans run longer in order to cool the oven so the cabinets don't crack. So if you could tell me what my other options might be I'm definitely listening!

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  1. google "thermador customer service" to find lots of reasons to *not* but Thermador or Bosch (who owns Thermador). Just in case you were considering them.

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      TOTALLY agree with you about avoiding Thermador! We just re-did our kitchen and I was so thrilled to replace the Thermador that we bought the house with that I never even looked at the brand when I was researching what I wanted to put in.

      They were always broken. I never could get both wall ovens to work simultaneously in spite of annual repairs in preparation for the holidays. And the cost of the repairs was always astronomical!

      I'm not sure I did the same thing that it sounds like you're doing but I ended up with a Wolf free standing dual fuel range and a back up stack with a KA wall oven and microwave combo. I love the gas cooktop on the Wolf. I love the oven too but I usually end up baking in the KA because it's smaller and heats faster.

    2. The best thing we did when we remodeled our kitchen was switch to a gas cooktop. Gas isn't what it was years ago. There are safety features that prevent you from accidentally leaving the gas on without flame. We went Dacor double wall oven with one being a convection and a Dacor cooktop because it has an 18,000 BTU burner with a simmer setting, 2 15,000 BTU's with one also having a simmer setting and a 5th 12,000. Despite the 18,000 BTU it does not look commercial. We looked for months to select the look we wanted. Wait until you have to pick from the almost 1,000 styles of dishwashers. My wife had a headache and I was like a kid with ADD.

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        I have a 30" capital range with a five burner gas cooktop,. 4 burners are 18,000 BTU with a simmer setting, and the center is a 24,000 btu wok burner. It is the best cooktop I have ever cooked on. I can actually have move than one pot on a high output burner and make decent stir fry in the center.

        I would also give serious consideration to an induction cooktop. There was a recent thread discussing them. They sound very interesting. All of the instant control of gas, but witha bunch of other benefits.

      2. WHAT NOT TO BUY: We're in the process of updating and just replaced our old electric double wall oven with a new stainless Whirlpool GBD277PRS double wall oven yesterday. Both top and bottom are thermal ovens and the top has convection too. Can't speak to the performance yet, but I can tell you absolutely that THE COOLING FAN NOISE IS EXCESSIVE AND A HUGE ANNOYANCE TO US!!!!! The second we first turned it on last night, we went from being very excited to get a new oven to being utterly dissappointed because of the fan noise. We have an open floorplan, the oven is immediately next to the breakfast area and about 8-10 feet from the living room and sofa we relax on to watch TV and we can hear it from anywhere in that space and even down the hallway - it sounds like a LOUD microwave humming the entire time the oven's on and then for +-20 minutes after it's off. Why they can't use a quieter fan, say like the near silent one under our fridge, is beyond me. We used the oven for about an hour tonight and the fan noise about drove us crazy. Can't wait to cook all day Thanksgiving with our new oven humming our brains numb. Man, talking about buyer's remorse - I feel like I just got bent over for $2K+. I've read elsewhere on the web tonight that all wall ovens now have cooling fans for "safety reasons". That's a load of crap. It's probably because of litigious morons that left their oven on while on vacation, then sued the manufacturer over their cooked cabinets. The still perfectly working and perfectly silent oven we just replaced was 22 yrs old, had no cooling fan, and never, ever had any "safety issue". If I had it to do over again, I would make a very very quiet cooling fan my number one priority and oven features a distant second.

        1. I recently got a new Dacor dual fuel range (gas cooktop) and love it. It's the Epicure model with the stainless steel construction. It looks great and it functions great. I recommend them.

          1. We moved into a house that has a 5 year old GE Profile double wall oven. When we shut the oven we have to hear the fan running loudly for 60-90 minutes. Since our kitchen is near our living room, dining room, & kitchen dining table it is SUCH an interference. Here we have this nice house but can't get any peace & quiet during dinner. I don't think all wall ovens are like this. Can anybody tell us please if it is worth replacing????? PLEASE.

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              most new ovens' fans will run for some time after the oven is turned off. i suppose some are louder than others, and it also depends on ones tolerance for that type of noise. i would look into having the fan replaced, not the entire oven.

              i would also think, but haven't done any experimentation to prove, that if you leave the oven door cracked open after use, it will cool down more quickly, which I assume would cause the fan cycle to be that much shorter. again, i'm not sure, but it might be worth a try.

              and again, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, do not buy any products from Thermador or Bosch, unless you enjoy fighting with a customer service system that doesn't care about you or their products.

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                We have Electrolux dual wall ovens. The fan noise is very low or I may be a bit deaf. If I open the door a bit when done the fans shut off and the oven cools quicker. Ok in cool weather but a little hot in the summer.