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Nov 10, 2008 01:05 PM

YOLO on Las Olas

Has anyone been for dinner? We went for drinks on Saturday and loved the atmosphere outside and want to return for dinner.

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  1. We went there a couple of weeks ago for dinner and it was very good. My SO and I both had salads and then fish. The BLT salad is good, with homemade ranch dressing and blue cheese. The chopped salad was good, but did not stand out. We also each had a meatball slider which was juicy and tasty. I had the fish of the night - I think it was grouper and it was prepared very simply, I think on a wood burning grill, and was very good. SO had salmon, also moist and very tasty. We shared the banana coconut cream pie which was yummy. All and all, it was enjoyable and I think it's a nice addition to Las Olas.