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Nov 10, 2008 12:17 PM

Ottawa - Hispanic Cooking Supplies?

Any suggestions for sources of basic Hispanic cooking supplies, including range of Goya products? Masa, fresh tortillas, tomatillas, chilis, crema and the like. Is there an Hispanic grocery store?

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  1. I like Mercado Latino on Montreal Rd. in Vanier--good selection of non-perishibles, plus tortillas, queso fresco--haven't seen fresh crema there but have not looked (I usually just use creme fraiche that I buy at one of the cheese places in the market). They also have very good totopos for next to nothing. Oh, and great lard, too.

    Little Latin America on Somerset in Chinatown is a little more disorganized but also has some nice things, including real Oaxaca cheese at times; I have not been there in a while, so you might want to call ahead.

    Have heard of a place called La Cabana on Merivale--both a restaurant and grocery as I understand it, but I have never been.

    For produce here are some ideas: Can get calabacitas at Produce Depot on Carling--they also have sour oranges for cochinita pibil. Poblanos at Herb and Spice on Wellington or at the little fruit market in the Byward Market. Can get banana leaves in the freezer section at many SE Asian places in Chinatown. Have never seen fresh epazote here (nor do I ever expect to!).

    Have never seen fresh masa here, alas--you can get it at one of the tortilla factories in Montreal I hear.

    For meat, you can get skirt steak at the Glebe Meat Market (but I think you need to order it in advance, and I don't like that place anyway). I just saw it at Saslove's in Wellington Village, though.

    If you want something specific let me know...I may have some other ideas...



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      Oh, for chiles, you can get the more common ones at Little Latin America and Mercado Latino--cheapest in those places. More pricey at Herb and Spice in Wellington Village and at the little fruit market in the Byward Market. Chilly Chiles in Navan has a phenomenal variety, including extremely rare ones; quality is excellent and prices are good for bulk purchases but pricey for small purchases. Check out their web site