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Nov 10, 2008 11:58 AM

Las Vegas Update, Please

We are planning a trip within the next few weeks, and would really appreciate an update on the Kosher options in Las Vegas.
Since restaurants open and close frequently, I'd love to hear a fairly current report about the restaurants, and Coffee Beans.
If you have the time and patience, please share as many details as you can.
Thank you very much!

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  1. i have every piece of information you can possibly need from minyanim, restaurants, hotel recommendations, and attractions.

    i went a few months ago and i did a TON of research, and among my friends i have become somewhat of a as vegas consultant. so much that i have gotten emails and phone calls from people i dont know who have been reffered to me from friends of my friends.

    there is a lot of information that i can give you, but it really depends on what you are looking for and this is probably not the forum for it.

    my blackberry email address is

    email me anytime, i usually reply pretty quickly. i had such an amazing time there that everytime i talk about it i feel like i am there which is why i love when i can give really good advice to fellow vegas goers.

    1. I was in Las Vegas in September and tried Haifa Grill--great food--but not the service--not very patient!

      Also went to Sababa--great Falafel--did not try the fleishigs there...real Israeli place...

      Check the LV Chabad page and Elly below.

      There are good pre-made sandwiches and salads at the Albertson's near Summerlin. Apparently I should have gone to the one in Henderson which was closer to my hotel and has a better pre-made selection including sushi!

      Nesiah Tovah!


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        I Was in Vegas about one and a half years ago . I agree with the review of Haifa Grill. The restaurant is in close proximity of the strip (with a car),the food is pretty good, but the service is slow.

      2. Thanks so much to mickster, and momrn for your advice. Thanks especially to kiddush hopper for sharing the detailed recommendations off of the board.

        To "pay it forward", here is my trip report - Sorry if it turns out to be a bit disjointed.
        Just got back last week from a Sunday - Thursday visit to Las Vegas. We have been there on business, about 8 or 9 times in the past, but our last visit was about 7 or 8 years ago.
        What a great difference in the kosher scene.

        We stayed in the Palazzo, connected to the Venetian, and so had easy access to 3 Coffee Bean shops. The most convenient was a strictly take-out one that was right at the entrance to the Palazzo guest elevators. There were two in the Venetian with table seating - one in the food court, and another one right nearby on the same level. They all served a wonderful choice of coffee and tea based drinks. I can personally recommend the mocha ice-blended, the white chocolate ice - blended (especially the ultimate ice-blendeds), and the mocha, and white chocolate lattes. They had a variety of cookies and pastries that ranged from nothing special to pretty good. As for actual food - they had pre-packaged sandwich and salad combos (tuna, egg salad, and Caprese sandwiches with a side salad, and dressing.) As for the Caprese sandwich (mozarella? cheese, lettuce and tomato, which was my favorite, it seemed to be only available in the Palazzo branch. I also came upon a branch in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, and there are several others whose locations can easily be found online.

        As for the restaurants that are off the strip, it can be hard to work out a dinner schedule, when you're working around sightseeing and shows (We saw "Jersey Boys", Bette Midler, and "Cirque du Soleil - Love"), but we got to go to Panini Cafe twice (highly recommended), Village Steakhouse once (has potential, but our experience was disappointing), and Adar Pizza (pretty good). We didn't try for Haifa, since we've had bad experiences there in the past, and didn't get a chance to go to Sababa.
        When I get a chance, I'll try to give more details about Panini, and Village Steakhouse.

        Adar Pizza, Panini, and Village Steakhouse were either on, or right off Sahara Ave - to the west, when driving north on the strip. Adar was the closest - only about a block or two from the strip. The others were about a 15 minute drive up Sahara.

        I recommend the Palazzo for its convenient access to the restaurants, and the beautiful suites there.
        If you are trying to decide between Cirque du Soleil shows, I would recommend Mystere for a first timer. Having seen O, and Love, which were both really good, Mystere is still my favorite.

        As we weren't there for Shabbos, we didn't use "Kosher on the Go".