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Nov 10, 2008 11:57 AM

Non-cranberry alternative to cranberry sauce?

I'll have a dinner guest for T-day who can't have cranberries. Anyone know of any other possibilities of a fruity relish that's cranberry-free?

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  1. I make a prune/pear compote that is good with chicken - let me know if you want the recipe.

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          Lingonberries are in the same botanical family as blueberries, huckleberries and cranberries. I think they have a superior flavor to cranberries.

          If there is an allergy issue or seed issue, I would suggest red currant jelly (which is delightful in its own right, and I am someone otherwise much prefers jams or preserves over jellies) or sour cherry preserves.

      1. What's the reason? If it is the seeds (diverticulitis) then you might want to be sure of their reasons... If not then maybe another option is to try a fig preserve.

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          The guest uses a blood thinner medication (coumadin) and cranberries are a no-no. So are lots of other things, but cranberries is the big problem for T-day.

          This is an amazing list, people--I'll ask the guest if there are any preferences, though I want to do all of these anyway! On the other hand, I used to make two or three different cranberry sauces (so many great recipes, so little time) before I realized that everyone had fallen in love with a jellied version that has a nice spice sachet, so there was really no point in making the cranberries cooked in zinfandel if everyone but me was going to ignore it.

        2. Sweet pepper jelly - make or buy - Stonewall Kitchen has a great product if you don't want to make it. It's always on our table along with the home made cranberry and the jellied cranberry (it's not thanksgiving w/out the slices! of cranberry sauce!)

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            Stonewall Kitchen does EVERYTHING well!!! if you can kind find them without ordering from Maine. Well worth the wait, but shipping costs are ridiculous. Check in specialty grocery stores.

            Tabasco also makes very good (hot (red) and mild (green)) pepper jellies. But note that even the mild has a mild "kick".

          2. Maybe too late to find green tomatoes, but Green Tomato Relish is a New England standard and always makes it onto my T-day table. Has a nice tart/sweet thing going, and is fabulous with turkey. I love it on my followup turkey sandwiches as well. I use the recipe in Joy of Cooking [1950's era edition.]