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Nov 10, 2008 11:49 AM

Steakhouse Bars

My girlfriends and I love the scene at steakhouse bars - what are some of the best you could suggest?

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  1. O.k., I'm a veggie so have no clue about the food at this place, but it is a true neighborhood joint. I watched the election results there.

    Donohue's Steak House, Lexington between 66/65th

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    1. re: BratleFoodie

      Donohue's is a very curious place, indeed.

      It's the perfect place if you like Edward Hopper-esque atmosphere (dark with lots of tobacco stains from pre-Bloomberg New York).

      Their homemade hash is exceptionally good as is their mixed grill. A bit pricy and don't even ask for mustard or condiments that most other places would offer.

    2. Del Frisco's is the king of the midtown banker scene. Bobby Vans on 54th is good too but quieter. BLT Steak has a lively bar as well.

      1. the bar at keens is iconic. great painting behind the bar, lots of noise, lots of people. i went to the bar many times before i ever ate there. try the scotch, answer the "three questions."

        1. STK is fun and crowded, strip house too. Landmarc is also a great one-the one in tribeca, not in the mall. dylan prime also has a good bar area

          1. Smith & Wolensky's Grill. Patty, Seamus, Oliver, Timmy - all great Irish bartenders in a raucous, fun setting. They make the best Bloody Bulls in the city. I know people rag on their food, but the S&W sirloin is a damn fine piece of meat.

            The two Franks, one at the Palm Too and the other at Donohues are both great, tho I would not call Donohue's a steakhouse, and it is indeed odd.