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Nov 10, 2008 11:21 AM

Trouble at Geoff's in Providence?

I was up in Providence a couple of weeks ago and saw that Geoff's was no longer at the corner of Thayer and Angell. Are they still open on Benefit St? This can't be a good sign:

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  1. It's too bad - they used to be so delicious. My last sandwich there, 'bout 5 years ago (can't remember which one) was so disappointing. Have they been sliding since then? Make way for more chains, I guess. sigh....

    1. Was on Benefit a few weeks ago--Geoff's is still there. We've lived in Westerly for many years but remember Geoff's from when we lived in the Prov area in early 1970's.

      1. Geoff's hasn't been at the corner of Thayer and Angell for.. oh.. 8 years? It's a bit further north on Thayer. The guy owned Geoff's about 6 years ago was a total moron who had no idea how to run a sandwich shop and was lousy to his employees. He also owned the miserable Cafe Zog. I think he had sold off Geoff's since then, though.