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Nov 10, 2008 11:17 AM

Moving and Getting Married in Boulder!

Hello Colorado Chowhounds!
After 4 years in NJ and 2 years in NYC (queens), I am marrying the man of my dreams and moving to Boulder!! I recently got engaged and we have set some possible wedding dates in Aug-Sept (although a courthouse wedding or elopement is looking quite tempting). Are there any restaurants in the Boulder area that would be appropriate to hold a reception of about 60 people? All i know is Frasca which we have reservations for December (fiance's bday) and they do have private parties there. Anyone that has wed in Boulder/Denver (or participated) have any suggestions? Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!!!

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  1. You might look at the Hotel St. Julien or the Greenbriar Inn.

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      Congratulations, and we Colorado Hounds look foward to welcoming you here. At Tatamagouche's instigation, some of us have gotten together for a couple of marvlelous restaurants feast, and we look forward to more. (In fact, you and I have trod the same ground. I grew up in CT, lived in midtown Manhattan and then Hoboken before moving here.)

      Both of RobynS's suggestions are wonderful, as is the Flagstaff House, which has a splendid view to match splended everything else. See Q's at the Boulderado is a terrific restaurant in Boulder's most historic hotel (100th anniversary at New Year's. The hotel's grand staircase is a popular venue for weddings. See for Q's and for the hotel. There's a The restaurant lovely private room on mezzanine level, but I don't know whether whether Q's or the hotel itself caters events there.

      Jill's at the St. Julien has both indoor and outdoor space for a reception. See Another possibility is the Omni Interlocken, which has a good restaurant (Meritage), grandiose outdoor space with a water feature or two and a permanent event tent with sides that can be closed in case of rain or wind, or left open to the fresh air. One thing to be aware of, especially in August, is that there are often quick, intense rain showers in the afternoon -- so an under-roof option is a good idea for that time of year.

      And if you add Denver to the mix, you have many more options.

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        Thank you both so much for your responses! I am actually flying to CO this weekend and we have reservations for dinner at the Greenbriar Inn so we can check it out and turns out they have an event going on this week. We are trying to keep this wedding as small and nice as possible but def still on a budget since we are both in our early 20s. Denver might also be a possible option but i'm going to try to scout out boulder first....