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Nov 10, 2008 11:14 AM

Butcher and table rental for Thanksgiving - Park Slope

My fiancee and I are taking a big step into fauxdulthood by having family over to our place (in South Slope) and cooking for Thanksgiving dinner. Two things we need to sort out, though, and soon:

1. Is there a particularly reliable butcher in Park Slope to order our turkey? I recall Union Market advertising that they took orders for Thanksgiving turkeys last year, but they're always pretty pricey for what you get. We have a car, so driving to Fairway, etc. would be an option.

2. We can fit everyone around our dinner table, but no way do we have enough counter space to prepare and serve everything. Can anyone think of a supply store that might rent out folding tables for this sort of thing?

Many thanks all,


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  1. 1) Fairway is your best option

    2) I've seen folding table for sale at Costco and Lowes for pretty cheap, $30 maybe. I just googled Brooklyn party supply rentals and found this

    1. Actually, you can take the "F" train to the Avenue "I" stop along MacDonald Avenue in Boro Park. There is a ShopRite there that sells fresh, not frozen Empire Kosher Turkeys. Trust me, they are terrific and not expensive.

      1. You have a very good butcher shop right in your neighborhood: United Meat Market on PPW and 16th St. Use them!

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          I second the rec of United Meat Market. You will love this place and it is totally convenient to the south slope. I buy all of my meat there.

          1. re: maggiepc

            I know this isn't in the slope but I ordered my turkey at the farmer's market in Union Square from Quattro Farms last year (2 weeks in advance). I got a 18 lbs bird for $38 or so. They a great variety of turkeys too. Heritage breeds too.

            So tasty.

            1. re: maggiepc

              And a real butcher too. They do their own butchering right there