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2 new Italian restaurants in Mid-Cape area

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We've now eaten at both new Italian restauarants that opened recently here on the Cape. The first, D'Parma, at the old Clancy's site in West Yarmouth, is rather pedestrian fare. Prices are reasonable as say, The Olive Garden, and the food is well, kinda like The Olive Garden. Uninspired red sauce served up by cooks who rely on the best available ingredients from Sysco Distributors. Outside, the place was renovated heavily to look like a faux villa from Tuscany. Unfortunatley, the result looks more in place of what one would find outside of Disney World. Inside. it looks like the old Clancy's with new prints on the walls. The owner here also owns The Yarmouth House so those familiar with it's quality will know what to expect here. Open for lunch and dinner.

The second new restaurant is Colombo's Cafe on Main Street in Hyannis. This is a brand new build out, and is also now open for lunch and dinner. Like D'Parma, the pricing is reasonable. Unlike D'Parma, the food here is rather inspired, well prepared, and features premium ingredients. We've been a few times now and each visit has been as good as the last. We've had the Veal Parm and Veal Saltimboca, both only $14.95 at lunch including warm crusty bread and a nice side salad. The house made gnocchi is excellent as is the whole wheat pasta with turkey bolognese. House antipasto is great for sharing with imported italian coldcuts, grilled and marinated veggies, olives, and cheeses. The seafood stuffed mushroom caps were the best I've ever eaten, including my own home made version. Deserts are excellent, fresh filled connolis and an awesome ricotta pie. They even have a nice gelato bar on premise. The room is contemporary yet cozy with overstuffed leather sofas in a waiting area, booths lining the walls, and a good sized bar. Service was quite good. Well worth a visit.

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  1. CapeCodGuy, I'm happy to see your review of Colombo's. I have heard mixed reviews myself, but from folks whose tastes with whom I am not well acquainted. I am a fan of the Roadhouse so have been eager to try the new spot. Are the dinner prices comparable? No surprise with DiParma, given The Yarmouth House fare.

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      So far, Colombo's hasn't disappointed. Prices are a good notch below the Roadhouse, with sandwiches around $8, pizza $10 to $14, pasta dishes in low teens, and most entrees below $20. Everything is a couple/few dollars less at lunch. My guess is, if you like the Roadhouse, you'll enjoy his new spot. Here's their site including lunch and dinner menus: http://www.comminternet.com/websites/...

      Report back!