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Nov 10, 2008 10:28 AM

Abbey Burger Bistro (Federal Hill)

Has anyone been there/heard of it? I definitely plan on checking it out soon

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  1. Grand opening isn't until next week, I believe the 17th is the first official day they will be unveiling the menu and serving food. Rumor has it that they are having a "soft opening" this week, but I think its drinks only. I am planning on going at some point next week and am looking forward to checking out all the different options for making the perfect burger!

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      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Wow - I'm there this week. I wonder how it will stack up next to Spike's place (Good Stuff Eatery) in DC.

          1. Stopped in this weekend for a beer and decided to try the waffle fry nachos with black beans, chili, jalapenos (fresh ones!), creme fraiche and tomatos(not 100% sure). Everything was GREAT! crisp waffle fries, not too heavy on the toppings, great flavors. Looking forward to the new beers that will be added as there are already some good picks available.

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              Ack! Waffle fry nachos?!? Um, I might be in heaven. (Minus the chili. Chili is a disgusting thing to do to innocent nachos.)