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Steamed Chestnuts from Trader Joe's

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I've never seen them packaged this way before - steamed, peeled, whole chestnuts in an 8-oz box. I picked up one package to try - I'm curious to see how they compare to the frozen & jarred ones i'm used to buying. Has anyone else seen or tried them yet?

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  1. If the inside bag is a vacuum sealed pouch, it is like those sold at Asian markets all year. Usu on sale there for 99¢ or so. Those are good compared to jarred ones. Never bought frozen.

    1. I am so interested to find these, so I will go to TJs tomorrow. I make chestnuts every Thanksgiving and Christmas, but my husband jokes that they are always forgotten in the oven. Have you tasted these?

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        Periodically TJ has sold frozen roasted chestnuts, which are pretty good. They are still in the shell, but it is usually easy to remove. I'll have to keep a lookout for them this Christmas.

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          i just cracked open the box out of curiosity...they're in a plastic pouch, but interestingly not vacuum-packed. it's obviously convenient that they're already peeled, and they're actually quite tender. the texture is much better than the frozen ones i got last year.

          HOWEVER - and this is a BIG however - you do pay a premium for having someone else do all the work...$5.49 for an 8-oz package. it's actually not horrendously expensive when you consider that a lot of distributors sell the fresh ones for $5 or $6/lb and then you still have to do all the work, and i've seen cooked, peeled chestnuts for $15 or $16/lb...but i still have a hard time paying that much for such a small amount.

          so yes, they're good, and if you're in a real pinch & need something super-convenient, they're probably worth buying...but for that price i'll track down some fresh ones and do the steaming & peeling myself.

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            We had them with brussel sprouts- a winner. WF was selling jars of vacuum paced chestnuts for 11 or 12 bucks.

          2. just finished Thanksgiving dinner which included stuffing made in a slow-cooker (because of lack of space) and including the trader joes chestnuts. Very tasty, very tender and no chestnut peels under my finger nails. Worth the money!