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Nov 10, 2008 10:22 AM

Steamed Chestnuts from Trader Joe's

I've never seen them packaged this way before - steamed, peeled, whole chestnuts in an 8-oz box. I picked up one package to try - I'm curious to see how they compare to the frozen & jarred ones i'm used to buying. Has anyone else seen or tried them yet?

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  1. If the inside bag is a vacuum sealed pouch, it is like those sold at Asian markets all year. Usu on sale there for 99ยข or so. Those are good compared to jarred ones. Never bought frozen.

    1. I am so interested to find these, so I will go to TJs tomorrow. I make chestnuts every Thanksgiving and Christmas, but my husband jokes that they are always forgotten in the oven. Have you tasted these?

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        Periodically TJ has sold frozen roasted chestnuts, which are pretty good. They are still in the shell, but it is usually easy to remove. I'll have to keep a lookout for them this Christmas.

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          i just cracked open the box out of curiosity...they're in a plastic pouch, but interestingly not vacuum-packed. it's obviously convenient that they're already peeled, and they're actually quite tender. the texture is much better than the frozen ones i got last year.

          HOWEVER - and this is a BIG however - you do pay a premium for having someone else do all the work...$5.49 for an 8-oz package. it's actually not horrendously expensive when you consider that a lot of distributors sell the fresh ones for $5 or $6/lb and then you still have to do all the work, and i've seen cooked, peeled chestnuts for $15 or $16/lb...but i still have a hard time paying that much for such a small amount.

          so yes, they're good, and if you're in a real pinch & need something super-convenient, they're probably worth buying...but for that price i'll track down some fresh ones and do the steaming & peeling myself.

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            We had them with brussel sprouts- a winner. WF was selling jars of vacuum paced chestnuts for 11 or 12 bucks.

          2. just finished Thanksgiving dinner which included stuffing made in a slow-cooker (because of lack of space) and including the trader joes chestnuts. Very tasty, very tender and no chestnut peels under my finger nails. Worth the money!