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Nov 10, 2008 09:58 AM

Copley Friday Night

Friday night my sister's school is having an awards ceremony at the Seraton Copley. We are looking for a good place to eat afterwards, preferably within walking distance. There will be about 8 of us (our family and her friend's family). I'm not too concered about the type of food, I just want to find nice place that isn't too expensive. I realize we are probably in the wrong area for such places, but I wanted to see what you 'hounds had in mind. Thanks

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  1. It kinda depends on your definition of not "too expensive." You can easily get a reservation and have a lovely meal at Brasserie Jo, right across Huntington Avenue. It's not cheap, but certainly fits my personal definition of not "too expensive."

    1. "sister's school" makes me think you might be with a group of youngsters? In that case I'd head over to the Parish Cafe where everyone can find something to like. It's not right next door, but I'd consider it walking distance.

      1. This is one of those rare times when I might recommend Summer Shack. It's right across the street from the Sheraton, it has lots of kids stuff, it's good for a large group, and you can get items like chowders and specials that are not too expensive.

        Again, like Blumie says, it depends on your price point and if the age of your sister and her friends.

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          Summer Shack isn't thought of very highly on this board, but I see where you're coming from. My sister and her friends are in graduate school. We will be dressed up for the occasion, so I guess I'm looking for a nice place with $20-30 entrees

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            Well grad school is far different from my original thinking and your price range opens things up.

            How about La Voile on Newbury? They have a prix fixe special for some hours on weekdays.

            Sel de la Terre would also do in that range and if it were a hideous night you can walk there through the Pru.

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              You're right that Summer Shack gets mixed reviews, and I've only been there once, but I had a really good meal- beautifully shucked oysters, perfect scallops and a really nice striped bass (IIRC). But yeah, it's not where I'd go when I was dressed up for a celebration unless the group was really craving seafood.

          2. I would recommend some restaurants in that area on Newbury St.
            Sonsie - i particualry like their pizza and salads, little more of a "sceney" atmosphere
            Tapeo - tapas, fun atmosphere...upstairs is much brighter / lively
            Casa Romero - Mexican (actually in an alley off Gloucester St. by the corner of Newbury). Pretty good mexican, good sangria...subterannean cozy atmosphere.

            1. I would recommend a couple mof places nearby on Newbury St:
              Sonsie - I particularly like their pizza and salads, little bit of a "sceney" atmosphere
              Tapeo - Tapas, good if you think the group will be into sharing dishes. Fun atmosphere, upstairs is brighter and more lively
              Casa Romero - Actually in an alley off of Gloucester St near the corner with Newbury. Pretty good mexican - like their mole, fajitas, sangria. Subterranean, cozy atmoshpere

              Like Parish cafe - but be advised its mostly upscale sandwiches. Ate at Brasserie Jo the other night and was a little dissappointed - but not a bad option. I don't mind the summer shack...but not if you are dressing up to go out.

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                Tapeo could be great fun! good idea