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Nov 10, 2008 09:36 AM

Turks and Caicos (Provo)

Hello, my girlfriend and I are going to Turks and Caicos (Providenciales) in late January for 5 nights. I am hoping to get engaged on this trip, so I would like to experience the best food that T&C has to offer. I have read some of the older postings, but was looking for any recent recommendations. We truly love fresh seafood, and do not mind cooking either. Any tips on great seafood restaurants or places to purchase fish would be greatly appreciated. We are staying at the Turks and Caicos Club, which I have heard is nice but very quiet. Thanks!

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  1. For fine dining, I enjoyed Anacoa (gorgeous, very romantic at night, esp outside - in fact I think all the seating may be outside). I also enjoyed Coyoba. Most places have the option of outdoor dining, which I loved.

    I did not do alot of casual dining so hopefully someone else can chime in on that.

    Also did a catamaran trip where the captain of our boat dove into the water, caught lobster, and cooked it in a pit on the beach - if I can locate the name of the company that ran this, I will let you know - it was truly amazing.

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      Thanks for the tips. The catamaran sounds great. Please let me know if you encounter the name of the company. In late January is it necessary to get dinner reservations ahead of time for Anacoa, or will we be fine when we get there? I've seen several people mention Anacoa, what type of food is it?

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        Anacoa is upscale dining - I have dined there twice and I believe I had a fish preparation both times. Many people I dined with had lobster. You are going to get an amuse bouche, a palate cleanser, etc. I think the setting is what I really enjoyed - beautiful multi tiered outdoor dining right on the beach, dimly lit, etc.....

        To note, I noticed the service somewhat lacking in all the establishments we dined in - I think its just the laid back nature of the island....oh, and Anacoa had a dress code - I believe we had an issue with someone being in shorts - it was 'no short pants' for men......

        We did have reservations - we were there at Christmas so I suppose that might be a busy time.....

    2. Anacaona....It's at Grace Bay Club. Provo's only Oceanfront gourmet restaurant. Yes reservations are needed. New menu started a few weeks ago....try the Tuna Tempura Roll for the appy....lots of choices on the entrees....huge wine list Reserve a table closest to the Ocean. Live band Wed, Fri and Sat. Get there early and have a drink at the Infiniti Bar & Lounge....a very sexy venue. I am the F&B Director there so ask for me and I will take great care of you. Also, a long time season ticket holder for the Jets. See you next month,

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        Jeffrey, on your recommendation, my husband and I are spending Valentine's Day (Sunday, Feb. 14th) at Anacaona--have 7pm reservation. (As per your suggestion, asked for a table near the water but hostess was noncomittal.)
        First, wondered if you are still there--if you are, come say hi!
        Second, we have 3 nights--1st night Da Conch Shack, 3rd night, Anacaona. Where should we go Sat. night? how is the restaurant at the Aman resort (besides expensive)?
        Tricia Schuster

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          I suggest Baci for Friday night, in Turtle Cove. It's an easy ride west on the bight road if you are staying in the Grace Bay area. And a good compromise between Da Conch Shack and Anacaona - they are the extremes!

      2. I ate at Simba recently - expensive but very good. The Japanese place is Yoshis and also very good. Caicos Cafe is fun and one of the oldest on the island run by the wonderful Quebecois, Pirique. Plus CoCo Cafe is excellent - outside but great food. Bacci is great for lunch - sort of Italian wine bar on the sea. Sharkbite is a good bar with eating and if you like Jimmy Buffett this is your place - if not avoid. Bascially loads of restaurants in Provo and most are expensive but also good. make sure you have conch (not deep fried or battered) as it is very fresh and usually caught on the day.

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          Dear twohey, I am looking to correspond with a Quebecois on the island . Is it possible to know the name of the caicos café that you went and saw the Quebecois. I would like to find him..

          Thank you

        2. We're still here and went to Coyoba, Coco Bistro and Grace's Cottage so far...our choices are in order of food: Coco Bistro, Grace's Cottage, Coyoba. The lobster at Coco Bistro was great so was the lobster spring roll. Anacoa didn't allow small children so we can't go =( Enjoy your trip!